Marvel Future Revolution Launching Worldwide on August 25

Fight for the future.
Fight for the future. Netmarble

The wait is almost over as Marvel Future Revolution is set to launch globally this August 25. This free-to-play open-work action role-playing game is coming to mobile devices. Pre-registrations are now being accepted and those who do get the Pre-Registration Costume Gift Box, which comes with a full costume set of in-game cosmetic items for one of the starting heroes.

So what’s the game about? The different Earths from the multiverse have converged and formed into a new “Primary Earth.” This is not your typical Earth though, especially with its unique regions. There’s New Stark City with all its advanced technology. Those who want something wild and rugged can head over to Sakaar. These are just two of the many zones available.

Players take on the role of an agent who's part of the “Omega Flight” Super Hero team. They need to defend this new Earth from the waves of Super-Villains. Some of Marvel’s big baddies are here like MODOK, Ultron, Red Skull, Loki, and of course, Thanos. Some heroes will help players as NPCs, which include Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Nick Fury, and Valkyrie.

Players can choose from a roster that includes the likes of Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Storm.


of the game include:

  • Open World
    • This is the first open-world game by Marvel to be available on the mobile platform.
    • Be prepared to explore a vast world and experience an original story.
  • Costume Customization
    • Mix and match different costumes to come up with your unique superhero.
  • Heroes vs. Villains
    • Join the fight to defeat villains but using the superpowers of the heroes.
  • Real-Time Co-op
    • Team up with friends and take down iconic villains.

Marvel Future Revolution has different game modes and these are:

  • Blitz
    • This sees a fight between teams having four members.
  • Special Operations
    • Being a hero isn’t just about defeating villains but also other activities like rescuing civilians.
  • Raid
    • Join real-time raids and work together to defeat the target.
  • Omega War
    • A battle of trans-dimensional superheroes.
  • Dimensional Duel
    • Test your strength and become the strongest hero.

Marvel Future Revolution is available on Android and iOS. Pre-register for the game here.

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