Human: Fall Flat to Launch New Level Laboratory This Summer

A new milestone reached.
A new milestone reached. Curve Digital

Human: Fall Flat is set to release its newest level Laboratory this summer. In this one, players get to have the time of their lives in a secret lab. Players can master magnetism or play around with electricity.

The new level arrives in the game courtesy of “Buler.” For those wondering, Buler won the Fantastic Machines Competition and got $10,000 for his efforts.

In addition to a new level, players can also expect three new skins designed by the community, which are Jester, Wrestler, and Painter. These are actually the first of the 10 winners from the “Dress to Impress” competition. The remaining seven winning skins are to be released later this year.

By the way, Human: Fall Flat is also celebrating a new milestone: more than 30 million copies shipped.

CEO and Founder of No Brakes Games Tomas Sakalauskas shared in a press statement that they are happy to have reached this milestone. He went on to say that when the game was first released, it was only available on PC with eight levels. Now the game is available on different platforms with 17 levels.

Sakalauskas also revealed that they are thanking the entire community and look forward to more years.

Level Design Competition

If you’re interested in having your creations be part of the game, then join the Human: Fall Flat 5th Anniversary Level Design Competition. Entries are still being accepted and so far there are a lot of imaginative submissions. There are many ways to design and you can submit your entries until August 12.

Read more about this competition here.

Human: Fall Flat was released on PC in July 2016. The game puts players in the role of Bob, which is for all intents and purposes, a pure human. A year later the game was ported to different consoles with mobile versions launched by 2019. The game is also now available on next-gen consoles, the versions of which were released this year. For those who want to join in the discussion about the game, they can chat through the Discord channel here.

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