Total War: Warhammer III New Regiments of Renown Units Now Available for Free in Update 2.2.0

Patch 2.2.0
Patch 2.2.0 Twitter/@totalwar

Creative Assembly gives players new units to work with, thanks to the Regiments of Renown unit pack, now available free of charge in Update 2.2.0 for Total War: Warhammer III.

Seven new units have been added in the latest round of the Regiments of Renown unit pack. One of the most notable is the Green Guardian - a new Terracotta Sentinel for the Grand Cathay. This towering behemoth has Redirecting Aura where enemies within the aura’s area of effect will have their projectiles redirected back at them. Players who use the Grand Cathay can really benefit from using the Green Guardian, especially against those who use ranged units a lot.

Players who like using the Khorne faction might love the newest unit called the Bloody Fist - Bloodthirster. This unit gains some damage resistance when it is near large enemy targets.

Here are the other Regiments of Renown units added in Total War: Warhammer III Update 2.2.0:

  • The Frozen heart of Winter - Elemental Bear
    • ABILITY: Heart of Winter Spell (Bound Version) – Creates an area that damages nearby enemies over time.
  • Uncle Furuncle - Great Unclean One
    • ABILITY: Defiling Deluge (Active) – Uncle Furuncle heals himself while damaging enemies around him.
    • SPELL UPDATE: Miasma of Pestilence > Spirit Leech
Ogre Kingdoms
  • The Snowhorn of Mourn - Stonehorn
    • ABILITY: Glacial Defense (Active) – Stonehorn gains increased armor and missile resistance, at the expense of some speed.
    • ABILITY: Frostbite – Reduces the speed of enemies this unit strikes in melee.
  • ABILITY: Feasting on Fear (Passive) – Regenerates health based on the number of enemies who have had their morale break around the Keeper of Secrets.
  • SPELL UPDATE: Lash of Slaanesh > Phantasmagoria
  • SPELL UPDATE: Acquiescence > Enfeebling Foe
  • ABILITY: Increased Armor (permanent Glittering Robe)
  • SPELL UPDATE: Blue Fire of Tzeentch > Searing Doom
  • SPELL UPDATE: Pink Fire of Tzeentch > Gehenna’s Golden Hounds
  • Crumbling (Tomb Kings, Vampire Coast, Vampire Counts)
    • Damage increased to 14-28
  • Channeling and Winds of Magic Replenishment
    • Beastmen (During Full Moon events):
    • +50% during Full Moon
    • +100% during Lunar Eclipse
    • +150% during Solar Eclipse
    • Beastmen now gain +10 Winds of Magic per turn when in a Raiding stance.
  • Norsca
    • Gain +10 Winds of Magic per turn when in a Raiding stance.
    • Devotion to the Eagle now grants Winds of Magic power capacity.
  • Wood Elves
    • Wood Elf Major Settlement buildings now grant 3/6/9/12/15 Winds of Magic Reserve per turn to local armies (they are magical forests, after all).
    • Abduct Captives Post-Battle options now offers +5 Winds of Magic Reserve.

So, what can you say about the new Regiments of Renown units in Total War: Warhammer III?

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