Total War: Warhammer III New Regiments of Renown Units Added in Update 1.3

Update 1.3
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Update 1.3 for Total War: Warhammer III brings the Regiments of Renown unit pack as a free upgrade to all. Seven new units are available for you to unlock, with a heavy emphasis on cavalry.

There are a few units that stand out from the bunch. The Righteous Lances of Wei-Jin have an ability called Guardian that reduces the damage taken by lords and heroes that are close to this unit.

Another unit worth mentioning is the Barons of the Bog. This particular unit has two passive abilities. The first one is the Miasma of Rot which restores vigor to nearby allies. The second is The Wasting Sickness and this reduces the effectiveness of enemy weapons and the mass of units within its area of effect.

And lastly, the Eternal Entourage has the Obsessive Adoration passive. This ability empowers the melee attack and weapon strength of all friendly lords/heroes within its area of effect.

In addition to the new units, Land Battles are now available in the multiplayer ranked matchmaking pool. You now have a 50/50 chance of entering either a Land or Domination battle when queuing up for a match.

The following maps in Total War: Warhammer III are available in the Land Battle pool:

  • Death Pass
  • Arnheim
  • Battle for Itza
  • Broken Leg Gully
  • The Silver Spire
  • Blasted Lands
  • Darkland Crater
  • The Flats of Kislev – Kislev Troll Country
  • Floating Farms – Cathay Farmland
  • Wastes of Slaanesh – Slaanesh Wastelands

Here are the other notable changes and features implemented in Update 1.3:

  • Heralds of Khorne’s Fury
    • Mantle of Immolation (Passive): Confers weakness to fire on all enemy units within the area of effect.
  • Oath-Brothers of Tor
    • Call of Tor (Active): Bombards all enemies surrounding the unit with lightning strikes, applying the Blinded contact effect to affected enemies. (Limited use)
    • Damage Modifier: Magic attacks
  • Sky Striders
    • Contact Effect: Frostbite: Reduces the speed of enemies struck in melee by this unit.
    • Stat Adjustment: Increased weapon damage
    • Stat Adjustment: Missile resistance
  • Knights of Immolation
    • Searing Torrent (Active): Bombards enemies directly below with fire damage; also confers the Warpflame contact effect. Carries more uses than normal, but the ability only recharges once the unit is in melee combat. (Limited use)
    • Damage Modifier: Magic attacks
    • Damage Modifier: Flaming attacks
Stability and Performance
  • Improved how UI assets are loaded over extended sessions in an effort to reduce stuttering and frame drops
  • Disabled the cursor in benchmarks to prevent results from being skewed by highlighting on-screen elements
  • To prevent instances where ranged units hold their fire because a friendly unit is in their line of fire, overlapping units are now considered (by the game as) part of the same unit
  • Small or multiple-entity artillery and chariot units will no longer have collisions when killed

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Total War: Warhammer III Update 1.3 is available on PC.

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