Titanfall 2: Game Not Forgotten, Just Not the Priority

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It appears that Titanfall 2 is not abandoned after all. It’s just that the game has only a few developers working on it.

In a recent video, Jason Garza, community manager for Respawn Entertainment, has addressed some concerns that players have for Titanfall 2. This came after a series of DDoS attacks has been happening again recently. These attacks were pushing developers to put more effort into the thought-forgotten franchise.

Not the Company’s Focus

While the player count has dwindled over the years, the Titanfall franchise still has a quite active community.

Just recently, Titanfall 2 players have been complaining about certain issues, including Frontier Defense, troubles with the matchmaking feature, and insane lag spikes, among many others. Apparently, these issues were due to a series of DDoS attacks that have not only impacted PC players but those on consoles as well.

Things got so out of hand that hackers have gone to Apex Legends to voice out their frustration. And no, they did not just log into the game, they’ve also made some things that have caught the attention of the developers.

Because of this incident, the developers have been all hands on deck to fix things. Sure, the problems in Apex Legends have been resolved, though the ones in Titanfall 2 remain.

Garza explained that Titanfall 2 is not abandoned and they are hard at work to resolve issues plaguing the game.

The reason for not saying anything specific at this time is that they do not want to telegraph their moves to hackers. In addition, Garza explained that because everyone is working on Apex, there are only one or two people working on Titanfall 2.

In closing, Garza said that game issues will be resolved, though it will take some time, “...you can’t just press a button and everything’s fixed magically,” he said.

While someone from Respawn has shed some light on the matter, it is not reassuring to the fans at all. Having only one or two people working on a massive game is tough and players will unlikely wait that long for everything to be fixed.

What do you think? Should the company assign more people to work on Titanfall 2?

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