Temtem: Patch 1.3 Reworks Tems Spawn System, Improves Loading Times on Switch

Patch 1.3
Patch 1.3 Crema Games

The fun and lovable monster-taming game Temtem received a major update recently which brought pretty big changes.

Have you ever played Temtem and thought that encounters were wildly inconsistent? Well, that is one of the pain points that the developers addressed in the newly released Patch 1.3.

This update reworked the untamed Tems spawn system. Basically, there is now a bit more space in between combat, so you won’t get into another encounter immediately after the last one.

However, the chance of getting into a battle with an untamed Tem increases the longer you walk without an encounter. In other words, the range of variability has been reduced to make encounters more consistent than before.

Patch 1.3 also improved the loading times when exiting a battle on Nintendo Switch. According to the devs, the improvements in Patch 1.2.2 caused the game to take longer to load when exiting a battle because it was loading/unloading unnecessary assets.

The key change in Patch 1.3 is enabling the game to maintain reused assets between battles within the memory, optimizing loading times. Now, when battles occur in the same environment, loading times should feel faster.

Patch Notes

  • PvP Timer
    • If you disconnect from a competitive match, it will now use the extra time instead of the current turn time. This applies to both the pick&ban phase and the actual battle.
    • Also, turns will now last the same as they would for a connected player, instead of discounting time and rushing them.
  • The duration of all Scent items has been doubled! Their price has also been reduced, check down below for the full list.
  • The Exit game button in PC will now take you back to the lobby (aka title screen) instead of closing the game. This will make accessing the challenge modes way easier.
  • Some previously alert NPCs will now be distracted and won’t stop to battle you as you walk by, only when you talk to them.
  • All ETCs will now have the same chance to appear as a reward in all applicable loot pools.
  • The Anak Sanctum and Highbelow Sanctum Lairs have gotten some buffs:
    • All runs of the Mythical Lairs will provide the rewards as if it were the first run of the week, Mythical egg included.
    • They will now reward 30% more Feathers upon completion.
    • The price of entry for these Lairs has been reduced from 2500 ⇒ 2000 Pansuns. The price of Lair Tickets has been reduced too.
    • Lair rewards now have a 118% increased chance of having an ETC, and a 37% reduced chance of having a Trait Hack.

The full changelog can be found on the official site.

So, what can you say about the newly reworked spawn system in Temtem Patch 1.3?

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