Temtem: Players Can Now Chat While in Battle in Patch 1.2.1

Patch 1.2.1
Patch 1.2.1 Crema Games

There’s a new update for Temtem that brought notable features and improvements. The headlining feature of Patch 1.2.1 is the chat function in battles.

Players can now send chats while they’re in combat by pressing the assigned hotkey. Don’t worry, it is hidden by default so it won’t be bothersome during battle.

It is important to note that chat is disabled for Ranked matches, Dojo Wars, and in-game tournaments, most likely to prevent toxic behaviors. Players can only use this on PvE and friendly competitive matches.

The idle battle camera received a few improvements as well. Now, the camera’s movement is just one-third of its original speed to reduce motion sickness. Furthermore, to make it less prevalent, the camera will move only after 12 seconds of inactivity instead of the five-second threshold enforced back then. And lastly, the camera in Koish fishing now only focuses on the Koish patterns. Additional cameras have also been developed to help players better identify Koish colors and patterns.

According to the developers, they were hesitant to completely disable idle cameras because they provide richness and variety to Temtem. They’ve added that they will just polish the feature until everyone is happy.


  • We’ve had to delete all the Showdown codes, except the eSports ones, due to a data conflict. Your teams haven’t been affected, you’ll just need to generate a new code, and, if you were using or posting it somewhere, replace that with the new one.
  • Aqua Bullet Hell has accidentally been removed from your Umishi and Ukama, but you’ll have an empty technique slot and ABH will be in your learned techniques, so you can re-learn it immediately. We apologize for the inconveniences!
  • We’ve added the new music variations per island, this time to the competitive battle theme.
  • The Egg Technique icon now appears in Techniques that are Egg Techs in the details of a Tem in Showdown.
  • We’ve implemented a new icon that will notify you if there is something available to claim in events.
  • We have added some performance improvements to the Switch version. These improvements will be a huge help with the current crashes that the console is experiencing. But we’re not done yet, and we will be adding even more performance improvements for it in future patches.
  • Tem Renaming Voucher is no longer automatically used when renaming a Temtem. Players will now always have the option to pay the name change with Pansuns instead.
  • Players will now be able to use the Fruit Blender with Tems in the Temdeck too, not only the ones in the squad.
  • The Fruit Blender will now show how the stats will change based on the TVs selected.
  • Showdown Temtem will now always start with their SV value at 50 by default, instead of 1.
  • The game will now show the gamepad buttons for each action when you press a modifier (a button that displays a set of hotkeys) in battle.
  • We’ve added new notifications for the Trade House: when you sell something, and when an auction ends without the item/Tem selling.

Have you played the game after updating to the latest version? If so, how’s your experience with the idle cameras?

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