Temtem: Major Tweaks That Changes Dojo Wars Forever are Here

Temtem Crema Games

Developer Crema Games implemented some major changes to Dojo Wars in Temtem Patch 1.4. In fact, the company dubbed it Dojo Wars v2 due to recent adjustments. So, what has changed?

Welcome to Dojo Wars v2

The biggest change for Dojo Wars in Temtem moving forward is that they are no longer a weekly affair. Instead, Dojo Wars will be held on the week that has the last Sunday of the month.

In addition, players do not have to rush to register for the war since they now have a full week to do so. That said, the registration period opens a week before the Dojo Wars commences. It's worth noting that clubs failing to join a war despite signing up for it will be penalized by having their Pansuns deducted from their Club Vault. Clubs that have a negative amount of Pansun in their Vault cannot sign up for Dojo Wars. Pansun is a type of currency used in the Airborne Archipelago to purchase various goods and services.

The company also made matchmaking adjustments. For instance, players are less likely to be matched up again if they've battled each other recently.

Here are the other changes for Dojo Wars:

  • Dojo Wars finals will now require 9 players instead of 11 players.
  • Players will now earn individual rewards, on top of Club rewards, for each match won during any given Dojo War. The further they progress into a Dojo War, the better their individual rewards will be. These rewards include Feathers, Hotfixes, ETCs or even Novas.
  • The previous King of the Hill system that allowed current regents to only fight in the finals has been discarded. Regents will have to fight for the Dojo again from 0, like everyone else.
  • Instead of having a set schedule for each round, rounds will now start 5 minutes after the previous round's last match ended. This will make the pace of DW quicker.
  • There will now be a Squad lock. It's currently not working correctly due to a bug, but it's in place all the same. The team you choose for the first match of a round will be the Squad you use for the entire duration of that round. There is a chance that you might be prompted to select a Squad after the first round, but regardless of which Squad you pick at this point, you will continue to use the Squad you locked in at the beginning of that round.

So, what can you say about Dojo Wars v2? Do you like the changes? What are the things that you don't like about the rework? Let us know in the comments!

Temtem Patch 1.4 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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