Temtem: Players Can Now Edit Pro Squads Anywhere in Update 1.2

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Twitter/@PlayTemTem

Developer Crema Games recently launched Update 1.2 for Temtem. This patch brought a ton of nice improvements, so read further to learn more.

One big improvement in Update 1.2 is that players can now edit their pro squads anywhere even when they’re not in the Temporium. Formerly known as competitive squads, pro squads are composed of the players’ best Temtems. Players were only able to edit their squads from Temdecks found in the Temporium, but now, that has changed, making things a lot more convenient!

Those who enjoy Koish Fishing in Temtem will love the recent changes. Aside from the new color blind mode, the number of Koish color possibilities has been reduced at the Nuru Lodge. According to the company, this was made so that it will be easier for players to complete their Weekly Koish Fishing activity. Take note that this only applies to Koish found in the Nuru Lodge, which means that the number of possible colors remains the same in other places.

Other Improvements
  • Seals
    • Now a unique item
    • Players will only be able to buy one copy of each Seal, and can equip the same Seal to any number of Temtem.
    • Extra number of copies of the same Seal have been refunded to the players that had them.
  • Club vault items are now sorted like they are on the personal Tamer vault.
  • We have added the Legend rank icon to the text displayed on the top 3 ranked player holograms at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • When you move between Temtem entries on the Tempedia, the selector will now automatically skip the ones you have no information on.
  • We’ve added “Victory” and “Defeat” labels when a player concedes on a Ranked match, and in battles versus NPCs that employ competitive ruling, like Dojo Rematches.
  • We’ve added a fade in and a fade out effect to most of the UIs in the game.
  • We’ve added a new animation for receiving rewards from a loot pool.
  • We have changed some tutorials and System messages to reflect the new Ranked/Showdown feature instead of the previous system.
  • We have balanced the audio levels for Temtem techniques and NPC dialogue expressions.
  • We have polished and improved the audio ambience transitions between zones.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a hardlock at the Anak Volcano Lair after picking the first Temtem node.
  • Fixed a soft-lock when displaying a tutorial after receiving a reward in a Lair.
  • Fixed a soft-lock when receiving two rewards in a row in the game lobby after opening the game.
  • Fixed not being able to buy dyes for feathers in Tamer’s Paradise Mall.
  • Fixed that the Tamer Pass Weekly Challenge about capturing/hatching a Temtem with perfect stats was resetting after completing it.
  • Fixed broken Co-op when finishing a NPC fight at Digilar while Co-op partner is disconnected. This was provoking several bugs with Synstars, inventory, and final boss fight.

Temtem Update 1.2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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