Temtem: Update 1.2 is Here with Showdown Mode and Ranked v2

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Twitter/@PlayTemtem

Temtem has a lot of new and exciting content in Update 1.2, now available on all platforms. This patch introduces the new Showdown Mode, as well as a new and improved version of Ranked Matches.

New Features

Showdown Mode in Temtem is a built-in PvP tool that allows players to create their own PvP teams without capturing and training Temtems from scratch. This particular feature can be enjoyed right from the beginning, so people can access it once they boot the game up even for the first time.

What’s more, players can edit their squads on the fly without the use of a Temdeck. On top of that, Showdown squads can be shared and imported using shortcodes generated in the game.

Aside from Showdown Mode, Update 1.2 introduces Ranked v2, and from now on, Ranked is determined by Seasons. Temtem Matchmaking Rating (TMR) is also hidden, but what players will see now is the new ranking system denoted by Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Legend.

New Rank System
New Rank System Crema Games

Players can obtain a new rank by reaching the base TMR for that rank. Furthermore, match rewards are now based on current rank and the developers have made them more appealing than before.

Here are the other new features added in this patch:

Ranked v2
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond ranks also have 3 sub-ranks each (called divisions), while Legend will have a public leaderboard where you’ll see your position compared to other Legend players.
  • Even though TMR is now hidden, internally the system still uses it. We have plans to make this data available via the API.
  • Seasonal rewards will now start being granted at the end of each season. These are a title that displays the highest rank you achieved, a seal for each rank you achieved, and a banner for each rank you achieved. These rewards will be different each season and will remain exclusive to each ranked season.
  • Events will consist of a set of quests and challenges that will grant you points to spend on thematic rewards, exclusive and specifically created for that event.
  • Events will have a defined duration that you will be able to check at all times on the Events menu.
  • The first Temtem event, Winterfest, will begin on December 12th.
Beauty Center
  • You’ll be able to change your character’s appearance in exchange for Feathers.
  • You will also be able to change your running and idle animations, and you’ll get 4 new ones to pick from, completely exclusive to the Beauty Center.
Colorblind Setting for Koish Fishing
  • Koish all throughout the game will now display patterns apart from their usual colors.
  • Each pattern will be unique to a color+section of the tail, so you will be able to easily identify each color by the pattern and the tail where it’s placed.

So, what do you think of the new features in Temtem Update 1.2?

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