Team Fortress 2 August 12 Patch: Updates and Fixes, Patch Notes Here

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Team Fortress 2, the multiplayer-only game by Valve, received a small patch today. The August 12 patch doesn’t add a lot of new content, but it does bring several bug fixes and improvements. Several clipping issues have been addressed as well.

Some tournament medals are added and/or updated. Bandit's Boots has been tweaked so that it won’t have the clipping issue with LOD1.

The patch updated the Boston Brain Bucket and Pest's Pads. Originally missing Blank style is added, and misaligned style names are fixed. Clipping issues of Kazan Karategi with Pyro’s arms fixed as well. The patch updated the Cold Cosmos Unusual effect to fix a parenting issue.

You can read the patch notes below.

  • Fixed the Spy being able to disguise after picking-up the intelligence
  • Fixed some missing Announcer voice lines during the Competitive post-match summary
  • Fixed some view model draw animations not using the snap command
  • Fixed the Mann vs. Machine mission selection dialog sometimes drawing under the category controls
  • Updated the Cold Cosmos Unusual effect to fix a parenting issue
  • Updated Contagious Eruption, Daydream Eruption, and Volcanic Eruption Unusual effects
    • Fixed the highlight glow detaching itself from the effects and moving in the direction the player is moving
    • Fixed the effects being almost invisible in bright areas
  • Updated the Kazan Karategi to fix clipping issues with the Pyro's arms
  • Updated the Tropical Camo to fix the rigging and the normal map
  • Updated the Boston Brain Bucket and Pest's Pads
    • Added Blank style that was originally missed
    • Fixed style names not aligning with the styles
  • Updated the Bandit's Boots to fix a clipping issue with LOD1
  • Updated The Chaser to fix some clipping issues and correct the backpack icon
  • Updated item schema and localization files with community fixes
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals

You can check out the complete patch notes on Steam. You can download the game from there for free.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Team Fortress 2 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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