Team Fortress 2 December 4 Update Patch Notes

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Team Fortress 2, the free-to-play multiplayer game by Valve, received a minor patch a few days ago. The patch was solely focused on bug fixes and added no new content. It is applied automatically once you open your game. So, it’s not a hassle for you.

The update tweaked the Train of Thought. Some of the model issues are fixed, and the Genteel Smoke effect is added. The clipping issue with a window for pl_coal_event has been fixed as well. Smissmas Swirl Unusual effect has been renamed to Spiraling Lights.

The patch also addressed the backpack image of the Winter 2021 Cosmetic Key. Missing styles that don’t hide the hat have been added back to Festive Frames. Several effects like Polar Forecast, Twisting Lights Unusual, and Swirl Unusual have been updated.

You can read the complete patch notes below:

  • Updated the Festive Frames to add missing styles that don't hide the hat
  • Fixed backpack image for the Winter 2021 Cosmetic Key
  • Renamed Smissmas Swirl Unusual effect to Spiraling Lights
  • Updated Polar Forecast, Spiraling Lights, and Twisting Lights Unusual effects
  • Updated the Train of Thought
    • Fixed model issues
    • Added Genteel Smoke effect
  • Updated cp_altitude
    • Fixed a clipping exploit that allowed players to build out of bounds
    • Fixed a clipping exploit that allowed players to stand above BLU's first spawn
    • Fixed a rendering priority issue with a respawn visualizer in BLU's first spawn
  • Updated pl_coal_event
    • Fixed a clipping issue with a window
    • Fixed a displacement

You can also read the complete patch notes on Steam.

Team Fortress 2 was released on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 back in 2007. Even after over a decade, the developer is still supporting the title. But Valve hasn’t revealed any plans about a sequel. There’s probably not gonna be a sequel given that Valve can’t count to three.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Team Fortress 2 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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