Team-based Shooter THE FINALS is Now Out for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

Get ready to fight! Nexon

Nexon announced that its free-to-play team-based shooter THE FINALS is now available worldwide. The game has been released for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S along with the PC via Steam. The launch of comes at the heels of a successful open beta last month which made the game into one of the most wishlisted game on Steam.

With the launch of the game, players can now enjoy Season 1 which celebrates the glitz and glamor that is Las Vegas. Get ready to explore those neon lights, slot machines, boxers, UFOs, and of course, all the mayhem and destruction that comes with it. Players are also given the first hints to the mystery that's behind the most explosive game show in the world. There are also additional arenas to look forward to like Monaco on the banks of the French Riviera and even the skyscrapers above Seoul, South Korea.

In THE FINALS, players get to fight it out in virtual arenas which are based on real-world iconic locations. They battle it out in fully destructible environments which are powered by Embark's server-side destruction & movement technology. This makes sure that each player get to experience the action simultaneously. Players can create their own and unique contestant ranging from stealthy sword-wielding ballerinas to the lethal pandas armed with rocket launchers.

Features of the game include:

  • Play Your Way
    • Get to make the play you want whether it's sneaking up on an enemy with katana in hand or destroying an entire building with explosives.
    • Different skills across body builds are available along with a wide range of weapons and gadgets.
  • The World Is Your Weapon (And Enemy)
    • While there's no harm in going at it with guns blazing, environmental destruction can also play a role.
    • All of that arenas can be altered, used, or reduced to rubble, not just by you but also by other players.
  • Your Rising Star
    • Standing out means the eyes of the world are going to be upon you.
    • Get the fame and fans as you create a unique avatar with the help of generous sponsors and dazzling customization options.

Ready to fight and shoot your way to victory?

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