SurrounDead: Apocalypse Update Finally Lets Players Customize Their Characters

Apocalypse Update PlaySurrounDead

SurrounDead is a 3D open-world survival game where you scour for resources in a world ravaged by an apocalyptic catastrophe. Unlike other similar titles with a more serious tone, like Dying Light 2 or DayZ, SurrounDead takes a more cartoonish approach when it comes to the appearance of its characters. Besides that, the game used to lack character customization as the developers provide you with pre-made ones to choose from. But that has changed with the newly released Patch 1.4.0, aka the Apocalypse update.

SurrounDead now has a fully-fledged character customization feature, letting you tweak certain things, such as skin color, hair type, and accessories, when creating a new character. Furthermore, you can find different clothing inside the containers around the map, including a simple shirt, military jacket, and body armor. The developers also said that they will add new clothes in the future.

Character Customization PlaySurrounDead

The Apocalypse update brought multiple saves too, so you now have more save slots to work with! The developers also did a fantastic job of organizing the save system UI.

Reworked Save System PlaySurrounDead


Clothing Items

  • Civilian body armor x2
  • Makeshift wooden body armor
  • Makeshift metal body armor
  • Plate carrier
  • Heavy body armor x2
  • Heavy coat
  • Heavy coat (Damaged)
  • Military coat
  • Office shirt
  • Paramedic jacket
  • Plaid shirt x4
  • Police shirt x2
  • Puffy coat x4
  • Rider jacket
  • Shirt x4
  • Cargo pants x2
  • Heavy jeans x3
  • Kneepad jeans
  • Military pants
  • Office pants
  • Paramedic pants
  • Police pants
  • Shorts x4
  • Tracksuit pants

New Items

  • Laboratory keycard
  • M32 Grenade Launcher
  • 40mm Grenade
  • HK433 Assault Rifle
  • Phantasm (XM8 Assault Rifle)
  • Phantasm 100 round drum
  • XM250 LMG
  • XM250 200 round drum
  • CZ75 automatic
  • Cleaver


  • Zombies now have slightly randomized health
  • Added the ability to push/shove zombies
  • When reloading, if your inventory has no space, the magazine will be dropped on the ground
  • Added the ability to change between semi-automatic and automatic fire
  • Infestations now spawn a wave of enemies at different amounts of health of the infestation pile. For example, if you get it down to 1,000 health, it will spawn 8 enemies around the area in a radius.
  • Added a difficulty option to keep inventory on death
  • Vehicle spawning rework: Vehicle spawners now will now spawn a vehicle dependent on where it is. If a spawner is at a military site, expect the vehicle to spawn there to be of military type.
  • Improvement to radial menu and more options added to it
  • You can now change how long it takes for loot to refill if enabled
  • New effects for infestation piles
  • Added UI that shows at midnight or when loading a game, telling the player how many days they have survived
  • Petting dog animations
  • Added refraction to water
  • Added option to change aiming sensitivity
  • Some extra defenses around military locations have been added, be on the lookout

SurrounDead Apocalypse update is available on PC.

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