Spellbook Demonslayers: Oblivion Update Adds New Spellbook and More

Spellbook Demonslayers Xendra

Are you looking for a game similar to Vampire Survivors? If so, you should check out Spellbook Demonslayers because it received a massive update that makes it even better.

Spellbook Demonslayers is a 2D roguelite bullet heaven inspired by Vampire Survivors and Path of Exile. Basically, you start with a spellbook companion with skills and bonuses to boot. Then, as you level up, you not only gain new spells but you can also improve existing ones.

New Spellbook

Just recently, developer Xendra released the Oblivion update that introduced the new spellbook - Vella. Vella gives you the starting spell, Domination, that lets you carve up nearby demons with ease. But what makes it special is that if you hit elite enemies with it, they are summoned upon death, boosting your power in the process.

Vella gives you some starting bonuses as well, such as a 20% increased orb recovery effect and a 7% damage multiplier against elites.

New Mechanics

The Oblivion update also introduced two new mechanics. The first is the Corruption system where the game's difficulty scales endlessly as you increase the Corruption level. Each Corruption grants enemies 1% damage, 2% protection, and -1% knockback. You can raise the limit by completing a game with Max Corruption.

The second new mechanic is called Demon Summoning. This allows you to equip a selection of demons that grant you passive bonuses during battle. However, you can gain more powerful buffs when you summon them into Stasis, which temporarily suspends them inside a Shrine for a burst of power based on the chosen demon.

New Stuff

  • Spellbook: Vella
    • Passive 1: Berserk - You deal 1.5x damage. Max Spell Limit -2.
    • Passive 2: Madness - When Elite demons are spawned, spawn an additional one.
  • Demon Summoning
    • Upgrades > Unlock "Corruption"
    • Win a run with at least 7 Corruption to unlock Demon Summoning!
    • Reaching 46 Corruption will get you 7 demons at a time. You don't need to maintain a Corruption level to keep the unlocked Demon slots
    • Find Red Demon Chests to unlock more Demons
    • Mainly drops during overtime
    • Level up demons to increase passive stats and summon duration
    • Level up demons using Astral Flowers, or by summoning them if you successfully finish a run.
    • Find Demonic Equipment
    • Equipment such as Demonic Chokers can be equipped into demon slots.
    • Find Overdrive Chips to limit break demons beyond level 100!
  • Corruption Difficulty Scaling
    • Each Corruption level also increases the Score Multiplier by 5%.
    • Corruption increases the Demon Chest drop rate
  • Oblivion Modifiers and Charms
    • Oblivion difficulty options are unlocked after surviving for 20 minutes with 77 Malice
    • This is a new set of advanced difficulty options that massively increases the available challenge.
    • Increasing Oblivion allows higher rarity Charms to drop. You can equip 3 Charms.
    • To get Voidslayer rarity charms, you need to stack Malice and Oblivion.

Spellbook Demonslayers Oblivion update is available on PC.

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