Update 1.21 for DayZ Unleashes Some Medieval Mayhem

DayZ New Update
Can you survive the mayhem? Bohemia Interactive

A new update has been released for DayZ which immerses players in a captivating medieval world while adding a new powerful weapon to the arsenal. Update 1.21 also brings a wide range of improvements along with thrilling features.

The highlight is the introduction of the crossbow. This lethal ranged weapon is the first ever spring-powered and should give survivors a unique advantage during encounters. It can shoot deadly bolts and use different sights and scopes. While the bolts can be recovered, it's important to know that each hit lowers the durability. But players can also craft improvised bolts so they won't fear running out of ammo. There's no question that the crossbow is a good option for stealthier playstyle.

Medieval Moments

The crossbow may be a cool addition but Update 1.21 also adds replicated medieval items and clothing scattered across Chernarus and Livonia. Players can discover different kinds of armor like chainmail tops, leggings, coifs, and even Norse helms, among others. By the way, keep an eye out for a sword and a mace.

Technical Improvements

The new update also introduces some technical improvements. One of these is the server log-in delay for console players, which should happen when switching between multiple accounts. The developers revealed that this delay was added to make the gaming environment much better and discourage players from using multiple accounts on a single server during a game.

Players can now also adjust the brightness of the in-game UI. With this, they can tweak the visual experience and customize it to their preferences. The lighting of the inventory camera has also been fine-tuned to make the inventory management process more visually appealing and intuitive.

Another new feature that players can look forward to is that they now have the ability to spawn bushes, trees, and rocks through the server-side object spawner and script. It's sure to introduce new creative possibilities and let them tailor their environment to their preferences and strategic needs.

DayZ is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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