SurrounDead Update 1.3.0: New Additions and Bug Fixes

SurrounDead Update 1.3.0
SurrounDead Update 1.3.0 Steam

SurrounDead recently received an update that introduced new additions, such as AI bandits, and scavengers, and bug fixes.

AI Bandits and Scavengers

Players can find bandits either at their camps or random places, and these bandits are likely to attack on sight. Scavengers are also found at random areas but they will not initiate an attack unless provoked. Soon, the developer will make some changes to enable trading with roaming scavengers and improve the bandit system.

Skill Tree

Players can earn skill points through various means, like leveling up and killing bosses, and use them on the skill tree. The skill tree starts with 10 skills and will be updated in the future.

Passive Skills

Players can improve their passive skills by performing different activities such as attacking enemies and applying first aid. These same activities also help them improve their ability to conduct specific tasks.

SurrounDead Update 1.3.0

  • Containers are now more random with how they generate loot.
  • Big change to harvesting system; Now Trees and rocks can be cut down and mined.
  • Player now spawns a lootable container on death, hopefully this will solves issues with not being able to loot your own dead body.
  • Adjustments to firearm loot rarity.
  • Improved combat rolling (Now directional).
  • Improvements to vehicle handling and how vehicles turn.
  • Improvements to ladder system.
  • Major improvements to graphical design of subway.
  • Changes to ice cream vendor locations.
  • Noise made by player movement increased (Ties into to new passive skill system).
  • Changes to player crouch camera.
  • Items stack when hovered and dropped over a container (Example, money in money pouch).
  • Fixed crane collision.
  • Fixed not being able to roll while aiming down sights.
  • Volumetric fog video setting fixed.
  • Fixes/changes to AI spawning.
  • Fixed random chance to spawn event code.
  • Fixed first person building mode.
  • Fixed no context menu for equipping and un-equipping throwables.
  • Fixed some issues with water and collision.
  • Fixed spelling of “ceiling” on lights.
  • Fixed position of Acog on Barrett 50 Cal Sniper.
  • Fixed buildable traps not counting towards kills (Eg. Landmine).
  • Fixed animation not looping when breaking into a locked cabinet, etc.
  • Fixed airdrops giving way too much loot.
  • Fixed water well going into negatives.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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