Summoners War: Chronicles Launches to North America This November

A new adventure awaits.
A new adventure awaits. Com2US

Summoners War: Chronicles is finally coming to North America on PC, Android, and iOS this November. A version for the Xbox console is also in the works, but to be released at a later date.

Pre-registration is now open here, and those who sign up will get these exclusive rewards:

  • 4-Star Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind)
  • Rahil Order x300
  • New Semester School Uniform Set
  • New Guard Hair Accessory x1
  • Angelmon x3
  • Instant Recovery Potion + Soup x25

The Story

The story in Summoners War: Chronicles starts long before the events of Summoners War: Sky Arena and Summoners War: Lost Centuria. That means, this one is a prequel.

The story begins in the Rahil Kingdom, a fantasy realm that has managed to regain peace after two great wars. However, this peace is threatened when a mysterious enemy comes out with a plot for destruction. Players take on the role of three recent graduates from the Rahil Magic Academy and start on a great adventure to protect the kingdom as Rahil Guiards. They are:

  • Orbia
    • An extraordinary Summoner who can use different types of magic.
  • Cleaf
    • A Summoner with the exceptional ability to protect his companions.
  • Kina
    • A Summoner with a healing ability.

The adventures of the trio take place across five unique maps, each one having varying landscapes and mysteries.

The Gameplay

By using their summoning powers, players can deploy more than 350 different monsters with five various attributes. The appearances and skills of these monsters vary based on their attributes. In addition, these monsters can be awakened once the player has achieved certain milestones. The fundamental factor in gameplay is coming up with a strategy to create the best combination of monsters for each scenario.

Players get to battle in real-time across mobile and PC. They can also join in different single-player (Kingdom Expedition, Two types of Ascensions), co-op (field event, party dungeon), and competitive playstyles across an open-world map. Players can also be part of a guild, and there, they can request gifts or select items from the guild shop. Voice chat is supported in-game to enable closer communication between guild members.

What do you think? Excited about this one?

Learn more about Summoners War: Chronicles here.

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