Summoners War: Lost Centuria Celebrates Anniversary with New Update

Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary! Com2uS

The real-time battle strategy game Summoners War: Lost Centuria is celebrating its first anniversary. As part of the celebration, a new update has been released which introduces an advanced Ancient Rune system. This new system gives players stronger Monsters to equip in their character rosters along with a revamped deck combination strategy.

The new system also has different set effects which can increase the attack, defense, and HP of allies located in the same row as the selected monsters. In addition to existing general runes, the set effects can be installed into the newly added ancient rune slots and allow a maximum of two set effects and create various strategies and variables.

Overall, the new update has five new set effects and two new stats introduced:

  • New Set Effects
    • Fight: Increases the ATK of all allies in the same line
    • Determination: Increases the DEF of all allies in the same line
    • Enhance: Increases the HP of all allies in the same line
    • Penetration: DEF Penetration
    • Blessing: CRIT DMG Received DOWN
  • New Stats
    • DEF Penetration: Decreases the target's DEF by a certain ratio
    • CRIT DMG Received DOWN: Decreases the attacker's CRIT DMG value when you're attacked​

New Currencies

The new update also allows players to produce the Ancient Rune using a new currency known as Magic Power Dust. This new currency can be obtained by finishing daily quests and earning world tournament victory rewards. Players can also exchange the new currency for “LCT” tokens. These are unique tokens for Lost Centuria and C2X tokens through the digital wallet C2X Station.

Learn more about the new currencies here.

Anniversary Event

As part of the launching of the new update, players can collect rewards like monsters and skill stones just by logging in daily. Depending on the cumulative participation result, players get the chance to obtain the Skill Stone Summon Ticket (Legend), which is the most popular item in the game.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria was released in April 2021 on Android and iOS. Since its release, the game has obtained about 5.7 million cumulative downloads across 174 countries. The game has so far 140,000 alliances formed by players worldwide and implemented 12 season updates to improve the gaming experience by adding new monsters, thrilling spells, and missions.

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