Rose to Debut in Street Fighter V on April 19

What does your future hold? Capcom

It looks like the future is bright as a fortune-teller makes her official debut on Street Fighter V on April 9. It’s none other than Rose who not only brings her tarot cards but also some pretty nifty moves. Unlike before, she has a new V-Skill that makes her even more versatile as a fighter.

Known as Soul Fortune, this V-Skill lets Rose to pull out a tarot that can either buff her or debuff enemies. Each card comes in a different color and offers a distinct effect. To know what card she’s currently holding, simply look at the bottom of the screen just beside her V-gauge bar.

Buff or Debuff?

Rose has a total of four cards to use in battle and these are:

  • Buff Cards
    • The Magician (White Card)
      • When used, it increases her V-gauge.
      • She is vulnerable when she uses this card.
    • The Chariot (Red Card)
      • Increases attack damage.
  • Debuff Cards
    • The Tower (Green Card)
      • Decreases the damage output of the opponent.
    • Death (Purple Card)
      • Increases the amount of chip damage and gray life that Rose can do to her opponent.

It should be noted that the debuff cards are thrown to opponents and count as a single hit projectile. Even if blocked, the cards can still apply their debuff effects. This should give players some interesting strategies to work with.

Rose also has other skills like V-Trigger I Soul Dimension and V-Skill II Soul Satellite. She arrives in the game courtesy of the Season 5 Pass, which is available on Steam or PlayStation Store.

By the way, on the same day that Rose arrives, players also get new Professional style costumes for Vega, Seth, and Juri. These are part of the Season 5 Premium Pass but can be purchased individually as well at the in-store for $3.99 each.

An Old Friend Returns

Once Rose makes her debut, players can then prepare for the arrival of an old friend, well Dhalsim’s old friend. Last seen in Street Fighter III, he still has his original moveset along with some new ones. Oro comes with a major change though where instead of having one of his arms sealed, it’s now carrying his pet turtle.

What's that in your hand? Photo: Capcom

One of his new moves is the Tsuranekeashi. It’s a kick move that can keep opponents at bay and can even be used in combos. New as well is the Minomushi move where he makes a small hop that can be followed up with extra moves.

No date has been revealed when Oro will arrive in the game.

A Surprise Rival

Rose and Oro arriving in the game are exciting enough for players. But for the Street Fighter V Dev Team, the excitement would not be complete without a surprise.

Akira Kazama of Rival Schools is joining the fight. She is coming along with her old moveset and her brother Daigo as one of her V-Triggers. Watch her teaser trailer here.

Akira remains to be in development but is set to be released after Oro.

Prepare for some rivals. Photo: Capcom

Learn more about these three new characters here.

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