Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Introduces Five Characters For Fifth Season

An update on new things coming to the game.
An update on new things coming to the game. Capcom

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition revealed new details on its upcoming fifth and final season. There’s going to be five new characters introduced, with four of them already revealed. These characters are still in production and additional details are going to be shared in the months ahead.

Let’s a look at who these new characters are:

  • Dan
    • Dan is a training partner of Ryu and Ken, he considers himself well-equipped to “school” other players with his unique Saikyo-ryu fighting style.
    • He has been a mainstay of the Street Fighter Alpha series and was last seen in Street Fighter IV.
    • Dan brings his over-confidence and iconic “Taunt” to the game.
    • Release timing: Winter 2020
  • Rose
    • This fortune telling character is a fan favorite.
    • Rose was previously in the Alpha series and Street Fighter IV.
    • With her tarot cards, Rose brings a wide range of unique special moves.
    • She also plans to channel all of her Soul Power energy to the game.
    • Release timing: Spring 2021.
  • Oro
    • Oro is an ancient martial arts master who exists as an immortal hermit.
    • He last appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    • Considered as one of the most powerful fighters in Street Fighter V, he restricts the use of one of his arms to give his opponents an advantage.
    • Release timing: Summer 2021
  • Akira
    • This is going to be Akira Kazama’s official debut in Street Fighter.
    • She was first introduced back in 1997 through Rival Schools; United by Fate.
    • She is an acquaintance of Sakura, which gives her a tie to the world of Street Fighter.
    • Release timing: Summer 2021

As mentioned, only four characters have been revealed. There are no details yet on who the fifth is, but the character is expected to be released in Fall 2021.

In addition to the new characters, more than 30 new costumes are also going to be introduced to the game. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is also planning to introduce four new stages, two of which are the Rose stage (Spring 2021) and the Akira stage (Summer 2021). The other two are going to be Capcom Pro Tour stages with the first one arriving in Winter 2020 and the second in Fall 2021.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all content from the original release and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It is currently available for PS4 and PC.

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