Star Wars: The Old Republic New Tactical Items Added in Update 7.1

Update 7.1
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Players have new tactical items to play with in Star Wars: The Old Republic as the developers launched Update 7.1 just recently. This patch adds four new tactical items to the game.

For those who do not know, tactical items or “Tacticals” are high-level items equipped in the accessories slot. They drastically change one of the player’s existing abilities. Some can be worn by all classes, while others are specific to a few.

Anyway, Update 7.1 adds four new Tacticals to the game. The first is the Kolto Vapors which empowers Kolto Pods left by the Kolto Missile/Bomb to last a second longer and heal for an additional 5%. This can be used by Commandos who specialize in the Combat Medic spec, and Mercenaries who have chosen the Bodyguard specialization.

The second tactical item is called Shard of Mortis. Players who deal damage using Massacre or Blade Rush get a stack of “Hyper,” up to max stacks of three. The player’s critical hit chance increases by 25% for each stack and the rage/focus cost of the next Massacre/Blade Rush increases by one. Hyper stacks last for six seconds and immediately end after dealing damage with an ability that is not any of the aforementioned ones.

The third tactical item is the Gyroscopic Stabilizers. This reduces the cooldown of Death from Above/Mortal Volley by 20 seconds. Furthermore, the said abilities deal 25% more damage to targets affected by the player’s Heat Signature/Gravity Vortex.

The last of the bunch is Magnetic Resonance. Players who detonate their Thermal Detonator/Assault Plastique early by using Mag Shot/Mag Bolt cause their next Power Shot/Charged Bolts to deal additional elemental damage.

All new tactical items are available for purchase in the Supplies Vendor on the Fleet.

In addition, Update 7.1 implements combat style changes, some of which can be found below:

  • Shield Specialist
    • Pulse Cannon now correctly receives a 40% of damage increase from Pulse Engine.
    • Ion Overload now applies shock to all targets hit by High Impact Bolt.
  • Advanced Prototype
    • Powertech now correctly builds Energy Lodes at level 73.
    • Heat Zone: When dealing AoE damage the primary target no longer gets hit twice.
  • Gunnery
    • Increased the critical damage bonus given by the Deadly Cannon passive to 30% (up from 15%)
    • Increased the critical hit chance bonus from Rotary Cannon to 10% (up from 5%)
  • Arsenal
    • Increased the critical damage bonus given by the Target Tracking passive to 30% (up from 15%)
    • Increased the critical hit chance bonus from Riddle to 10% (up from 5%)

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 7.1 is available on PC.

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