Star Wars: The Old Republic Makes Changes to Amplifiers in Latest Update

An easier way to access Amplifiers.
An easier way to access Amplifiers. BioWare

Star Wars: The Old Republic is bringing in some tweaks to the Amplifier system, a feature first launched during the Onslaught Expansion. The changes to be brought by Game Update 6.2.1 hope to improve the player experience.

When Amplifiers were first brought to the game, the goal was to give players an added depth when it came to customizing their characters. It offered a combination of utility and power to ensure that players, regardless of type, would be able to make the build they want. Read more about it here.

Better UI

The display of the Amplifier UI now has a tree-based view for better readability. With this, players can expand or collapse each Amplifier to see which ones are available as well as their stat ranges.

Indeed, it pretty much makes things more comfortable. The character sheet, for instance, now shows the Amplifier list along with what Amplifier is equipped by the player. The Recalibration window, meanwhile, makes the whole experience not only more efficient but also easier to understand.

Better Visibility

For faster recognition, the update puts Amplifiers into different groups. Amplifiers now have five different tiers, each represented by a color, to distinguish quality. These are, from lower to highest:

  • Standard (White)
  • Premium (Green)
  • Prototype (Blue)
  • Artifact (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)

BioWare said that this change should ensure that players would be able to know the value of their Amplifiers faster.

Better Chances

The update is set to introduce what’s known as Quality Locking. This new feature lets players exchange credits to have better chances of getting the Amplifiers that they want.

Let’s say, for example, that a player has an Amplifier that’s of Premium quality or Green. By “locking” the quality of this current Amplifier, the player is guaranteed that any future recalibrations should result in at least Green or higher. So just imagine what you can get when you own and lock a Gold Amplifier. There’s a catch, of course. A higher credit fee is required for recalibration the higher the quality of the locked Artifact.

Don’t worry about things getting too expensive since there’s a Weekly Cost Reset.

Game Update 6.2.1 arrives in the Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow, February 16.

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