Star Trek Timelines: Fleet Boss Battle is Now Live

Battle stations!
Battle stations! Tilting Point

It's all hands on deck in Star Trek Timelines with the launch of the new mode called Fleet Boss Battles. In this one, players can team up with their fleet and try to defeat boss ships. The first boss ship is the Doomsday Machine, a planet-killing machine that comes from another galaxy.

Through Fleet Boss Battles, players can work with their fleets to unlock combo mega attacks as well as collect rewards and components; these components can be used to level up the new Captain's Bridge. Once upgraded, the Captain's Bridge gives permanent ship bonuses and exclusive rewards like ships and crew.

In celebration of the release of Fleet Boss Battles, all players get five free crew slots. This should bring the base total to 170.

Faction Event

Players can now join the new Faction Event: Beacons, from today, July 14, to July 18.

For this event, a new species known as the Pupaians have initiated first contact with the Federation as well as a request for help. One of their own is trying to complete the sacred Final Voyage, which takes their species to the end of their current life in preparation for the next. However, an unexpected interference has interrupted this voyage and now players are asked to join them in facing death itself.

In the event, the bonus crews are:

  • Doctor M’Benga 5-Star (New)
  • Chief Engineer Hemmer 4-Star (New)
  • Boreth Pike 4-Star (Existing)

Those who complete the event get the ranked reward 5-Star crew who is First Officer Una 5-Star (New). Learn more about this event here.

Skirmish Event

Next week, players can join the Skirmish Event Boogeyman from July 21 to July 25. It's all about the Gorn, who are seen by some as boogeymen and whose shadows have loomed large over the imagination. While relations with the Gorn have improved, not much is known about them. However, when a Federation vessel stumbled upon a large concentration of Gorn, the reptilians saw this action as a threat and launched a vicious attack.

To learn more about this event, read here.

Star Trek Timelines is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Learn more about the game here.

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