Star Trek Online: Beware the Terran Acheron Dreadnought Carrier

Beware the Dreadnought.
Beware the Dreadnought. Arc Games

The current run of the Infinity Lock Box in Star Trek Online is going to be updated soon with a new Starship. Starting June 30, PC players have the chance to own none other than the Terran Acheron Dreadnought Carrier (T6). This is a modern refit of the existing Styx-class but made more intimidating. It first appeared as the flagship of the Terran Emperor. Those able to claim this one have the chance to win in the fight against the Mirror Universe.

There’s no question that this starship is indeed a dreadful sight to behold. It’s built upon the imposing framework of the Styx-class Dreadnought Cruiser. What this modern refit did was to improve the systems that are capable of manipulating the local space-time continuum.

The ship features:

  • Commander Tactical / Temporal Operative Bridge Officer specialist seat
  • Lt. Commander Universal / Temporal Operative Bridge Officer specialist seat

Console – Universal

The Terran Empire has long been known to be inventive when it comes to warfare. The Terran Acheron Dreadnought Carrier boasts the Temporal MIRV Launcher, an ability to generate cross-dimensional portals that can be used for travel or offense combined within a specialized warhead to create a temporal anomaly, which uses its own probability clones to inflict damage to enemies.

Each warhead approaches an enemy and locks itself in local space-time before generating micro-anomalies that then draw in other versions of itself from nearby multiversal probabilities. Finally, it launches those additional projectiles at nearby foes.

While the targeting can be rather erratic, it’s balanced with the explosive yields. Each enemy impacted by the original or its duplicates suffers a radiation explosion. This slows down the enemy’s temporal footprint, reducing their speed, turn rate, and weapon firing cycle speeds.

Details of this weapon are:

  • Launch up to 3 Temporal MIRV Projectiles (1 per Foe).
  • After nearing Foes, MIRV stops and creates duplicate projectiles once per 2 seconds for up to 12 seconds.
  • After 12 sec, the original MIRV continues toward a Foe.
  • Each projectile (original or duplicate) deals Heavy Radiation Damage and Reduces Flight Speed, Turn Rate, and Weapon Firing Cycle Speeds of all foes within 1 km of the impact site.
  • The slowing effect stacks up to 5 times.

Learn more about the Terran Acheron Dreadnought Carrier here. Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game where players explore the Star Trek universe on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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