Star Trek Online Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Start the celebration early.
Start the celebration early. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is all set to celebrate its 12th year next month. The good news is that Captains won't have to wait that long since the Anniversary Celebration starts tomorrow, January 25, and ends February 24. What's going to happen is all usual activities will contribute to the players' Daily Progress to meet the event's quota for the Grand Prize of a Tier 6 Ship.

By the way, this is only limited to PC players for now. The schedule for consoles is to be announced at a later date.

Here are some of the activities for this celebration event:

  • Episodes (2 Daily Progress)
    • (New) Red Shift
  • TFOs (2 Daily Progress)
    • (New) Iuppiter Iratus
  • Omega Stabilization (Daily) – 1 Daily Progress

Like any other event, players can continue participating even if they already claimed the Grand Prize. In such a case, earning additional Daily Progress rewards scaling Dilithium Ore bonus rewards.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t have time to finish the event or want to rush their progress, they can buy the remaining Daily Progress using Zen at any time. The base price for the buyout is discounted based on the amount of Daily Progress you have already accrued.

Grand Prize

As mentioned, the Grand Prize is a Tier 6 ship which is the Jarok Alliance Carrier. This starship is one of the many attempts of the Alliance to combine the unique styles of design and engineering from the primary member factions.

This ship has surprising mobility and large sensor arrays. It also has a massive hangar capacity which fits its role as a mobile research station. That means it not only can lead defensive fleets from the forefront but can also support scientific pursuits and dangerous exploration missions.

The ship features an Ensign Science/Command Specialist Bridge Officer Seat and a Lt. Commander Universal/Temporal Operative Specialist Bridge Officer Seat. Learn more about this starship here.

Q's Here Again

In addition to the event, players need to watch out for Q who's up to his annual shenanigans. He'll be giving out rewards for captains who can stabilize Omega Particles found in different social zones in the game.

This mini-game is simple as Omega molecules fall in from the left in one of four channels. Captains then move the capture device into the correct channel as the molecule hits the right-hand line. The more molecules captured, the more Omega molecules safely dissipate, and the more points scored.

The best thing is that it really doesn't matter to Q how many points are scored. Just finish the mini-game and get credit for his Daily Mission. Read more about the anniversary event here.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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