Star Trek Online Reveals Details of the Eisenberg Star Cruiser

A new ship arrives.
A new ship arrives. Perfect World

Star Trek Online finally revealed what captains can fight for in this year’s celebration of Q’s Winter Wonderland. The Grand Prize is none other than the Eisenberg Star Cruiser [T6]. This is considered as one of the most unique and innovative starships whose design has been pulled from the distant future. The good news is that despite this being a Federation vessel, all captains can access it regardless of their original allegiance.

To earn this starship, players must complete different activities each day on the Q’s Winter Wonderland map. The goal is to get enough Daily Progress to fulfill the event’s overall quota. Learn more about the event here. By the way, as a matter of trivia, the starship is named in honor of Aron Eisenberg, the actor who portrayed Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Great Material Continuum

One of the advantages that Federation starships have is their ingenuity and versatility are often underestimated. The Eisenberg-class Star Cruiser focuses on exploration and scientific discovery and was designed to bring in the new age of discovery for the Federation.

The Console Mod of this starship is called the Great Material Continuum. The best way to describe it is that it remains true to the doctrine of the Ferengi of making use of one’s own self-interest to benefit the many. What this does is remove materials and components from those who have a surplus, like enemies for example, then redistribute it to those who need it the most like allies.

This Console Mod uses a massive network of tight-beam transporter beams that strip away the enemy hull at a molecular scale and convert the stripped matter into energy. It’s then projected into a protective barrier which is applied to allied starships even at a great distance. It also gives a passive bonus to Starship Drain Expertise as well as All Subsystem Energy Levels.

Ingenious Tenacity

Its Starship Trait is known as Ingenious Tenacity. What happens is that when a captain activates any Specialist Bridge Officer Ability, it gives the starship the ability to redirect any incoming damage from Energy Weapons and into Shield Restoration. Specifically, it causes Incoming Energy Damage to restore 40% of that damage to the shield facing it for six seconds.

Learn more about this new starship here.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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