Square Enix Presents The First Trailer for Just Cause: Mobile

Mobile version is almost here.
Mobile version is almost here. Square Enix

There’s some good news for Just Cause fans as the full cinematic trailer for Just Cause: Mobile was revealed in the Square Enix Presents digital event. This trailer is a real treat for long-time fans, especially since it shows some familiar faces.

You can watch the cinematic trailer below:

Just Cause: Mobile expands the Just Cause universe in more ways than one. It offers both single-player and multiplayer gameplay experiences. Players can expect some in-game cutscenes along with fully voiced characters.

In the game, players take on the role of an agent of Firebrand, a special division of the organization known as “The Agency.” The mission is to stop the new mercenary group known as Darkwater, which is composed of ex-Black Hand military forces that have become a problem for The Agency.

As the newest member of Firebrand, the game starts with an attack on the base with the player barely escaping. After that, Firebrand leader Carmen Padrón orders the player to investigate Darkwater further and look for allies that can help them in this mission. One of these allies is none other than Rico Rodriguez.

Throughout the campaign, players get to meet many of the characters from the franchise. These same characters not only help players they take on missions but also give them important intel. In addition to Rico, players can also meet Annika and Teo from Just Cause 3 . The campaign lets players meet these characters and travel with them to several open-world locations.

Just Cause: Mobile is coming to Android and iOS this year for free.

Just Cause franchise had its start back in 2006 when players were first introduced to Rico Rodriguez. This third-person action-adventure game was set in an open world environment to give players more freedom. In 2010, Just Cause 2 was released and not only brought back Rico and his trademark grapple hook but expanded the universe too. Just Cause 3 was launched in 2015 that added a parachute and wingsuit enabling players to do more death-defying stunts. Finally, there’s Just Cause 4 , which was released in 2018. This time, the unique physics of the series was taken to an entirely new level.

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