Splatoon 3: New Terrifying Boss Salmonid Has Landed in Update v3.0.0

New King Salmonid: Horrorboros
New King Salmonid: Horrorboros Twitter/@SplatoonNA

Players who like engaging in Splatoon 3 Salmon Runs will be happy to know that a new and terrifying boss has landed in Update v3.0.0.

Before anything, Salmon Run in Splatoon 3 is a horde-inspired mode where players are tasked to eliminate three waves of Salmonids. Every time a Salmonid is defeated, they drop a Power Egg that players can place in a basket for additional points. However, what they should really be looking for are Golden Eggs, exclusively dropped by bosses. These eggs are important because each wave has a quota that players must reach in order to proceed to the next one. Failure to meet the quota before the time limit ends will result in a loss.

That said, Update v3.0.0 for Splatoon 3 adds a new King Salmonid called the Horrorboros. Unlike the Cohozuna which can only perform a High Jump, the Horrorboros is a giant terrifying serpent that can fly! If the Horrorboros decide to show up, players must be ready because it’s not going to be an easy fight.

Update v3.0.0 includes other changes as well. Some of them can be found below:

  • Data relating to the upcoming Big Run event has been added.
  • Data relating to the limited-time Eggstra Work event has been added.
    • In Eggstra Work, players can assemble a group of two to four friends or members from the same Pool and then compete against other teams—all using the same job scenario—to collect as many Golden Eggs as possible during five waves.
    • Both the initial hazard level and the job scenario for Eggstra Work are fixed, which means that every team will face off against the same Salmonids under the same conditions every time. However, if your team manages to exceed the Golden Eggs quota by enough, your hazard level will go up, making it possible to get a higher score.
  • You will now be able to preview items when exchanging fish scales, similar to how you can preview items at Hotlantis, etc.
  • Made it so that players will be notified when their connection is unstable. If the connection continues to be unstable, player controls will temporarily be disabled.
  • Added a feature to store all items placed in your locker at once.
    • Press the – (Minus) Button while editing your locker to use this feature.
  • It is now possible to play Tableturf Battle against friends and players in the same Pool.
    • You can create a room for Tableturf Battle in the lobby.
    • Up to 10 players can join a room for Tableturf Battle.
    • If two players in the same room take a seat at the Tableturf Battle tables on the second floor of the lobby, a game between the two will commence.
    • You can watch a game between two players by approaching them and pressing the A Button.
    • You can also play with nearby friends via the same process at the Shoal. Up to eight players can join a room for Tableturf Battle at the Shoal.
  • Increased the responsiveness to quick inputs made on the Edit Deck screen.

Splatoon 3 Update v3.0.0 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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