Splatoon 3: Update v2.1.0 Buffs Dynamo and Big Swig Rollers

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Update v2.1.0 for the third-person arena shooter Splatoon 3 is now available. This patch buffs a ton of weapons in the game, so you might want to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

The Dynamo Roller and Big Swig Roller are buffed in Update v2.1.0. The Dynamo Roller is a pretty good weapon in terms of how much ink you can splash over an area, but its damage output is reduced the farther you are from the target. If you’re a fan of this weapon, you might be happy to know that the Dynamo Roller’s damage rate reduction has been adjusted. Now, you can deal 100 damage to nearby enemies and 50 damage at maximum range.

On the other hand, the Big Swig Roller also covers a lot of ground, although it has a slightly faster attack speed than the Dynamo Roller. That said, the minimum damage from horizontal slashes has increased from 30 to 35.

You can read the other weapon balancing changes below:

  • Aerospray MG/Aerospray RG
    • The size of terrain area inked by falling spray has been increased by about 10%.
  • Jet Squelcher
    • Reduced blur when firing on land by 17%.
  • Splattershot Nova
    • The size of terrain area inked by shots has been increased by about 19%.
  • Bamboozler 14 Mk l
    • Reduced ink consumption by about 17%.
  • Nautilus 47
    • Increased firing duration by about 15%.
  • Sloshing Machine
    • Increased ink consumption by about 10%.
  • Angle Shooter
    • Damage has been increased from 30.0 to 35.0.
    • The radius of ink coverage when striking terrain or opponents has been roughly doubled.
  • Tacticooler
    • Tacticooler’s Quick Respawn and Special Saver will no longer be negated by gear abilities Respawn Punisher and Haunt.
    • Respawn Punisher and Haunt effects (increase in respawn time and increase in the amount of special gauge lost) will still occur.
  • Reefslider
    • Adjusted the amount of time for the invulnerability window, which occurs after exploding until you are able to move, to about 28/60 of a second.
  • Triple Inkstrike
    • Increased the radius of the area damaged by about 10%.
    • Increased damage inflicted by about 50%.
  • Crab Tank
    • Shortened the duration of the Crab Tank when not using the Special Power Up gear ability from about 9 seconds to about 8 seconds.
    • Increased the extension rate of the duration of the Crab Tank when using the Special Power Up gear ability.
    • As a result of these changes, the duration of the Crab Tank when maximizing use of the Special Power Up gear ability remains the same as before.
  • Ninja Squid
    • Ink splash will no longer be invisible for 30/60 of a second immediately after transforming into kid form.
    • Using the gear ability Swim Speed Up at the same time will no longer result in one of these abilities being canceled.
    • While using Ninja Squid, swim speed will continue to be reduced by a fixed amount.

So, what can you say about the recent adjustments in Splatoon 3 Update v2.1.0?

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