Sony's Head Of Global Second Party Games, Gio Corsi, Leaves PlayStation

He promises to be "be back in games soon enough".
SIE Global Second Party Games head and well-known Vita enthusiast Gio Corsi has left PlayStation.
SIE Global Second Party Games head and well-known Vita enthusiast Gio Corsi has left PlayStation. Sony Interactive Entertainment

As the days are creeping closer and closer to the release of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, another high-profile departure has again taken place. Gio Corsi, PlayStation’s head of global second-party games, has announced through his Twitter account that last week was his last with the company.

Corsi joined Sony in 2013 and is most known as a fierce advocate for the PS Vita, where his efforts to attract indie developers (through his #buildingthelist Twitter campaign) to the platform also affected PlayStation’s golden era during the early days of the PlayStation 4’s life cycle, with numerous games getting ported to the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. His full departure message can be read below.

“It’s been a hell of a ride but last week was my final one at PlayStation. I’m taking some time off but I will be back in games soon enough. I’m extremely proud of all the amazing things we accomplished. Big love to everyone past and present who made my time there truly special," Corsi wrote on Twitter.

"I want to thank Adam Boyes and Phil Rosenberg for giving me a shot with Third-Party Productions and #buildingthelist! Also John T. Drake, Brad Douglas, @the_femur, Don Sechler, Shawne Benson, Carter Lipscomb, and Brian Silva, and the rest of the Third-Party Productions family for all the memorable dev and pub adventures.

Also want to thank Scott Rohde, Shawn Layden, and Shuhei Yoshida for all the Second Party love and guidance. Speaking of Second Party, a big thanks to John Sanders, Christine Converse, and Alicifer Spookaber for joining the Second Party team! You are all the best and you will continue to knock it outta the park!

Finally, a hearty thank-you to all the great devs, pubs, partners, friends, and fans who made my time at PlayStation so memorable… so many cool moments. From all the titles, to all the shows, as I said, it was a hell of a ride! Thanks for it all and long love the Vita!”

Ever since the birth of the PlayStation 4, a number of high-profile departures have occurred such as Jack Tretton (served as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America from 2006-2014) who was succeeded by Shawn Layden (served as President and CEO from to 2014 to September 2019). Other notable names include former VP of publisher and developer relations, Adam Boyes, until 2016 and Kazuo Hirai, who sat as the chairman of Sony until his retirement in June of 2019.

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