Sony Still Working On PS5 Backwards Comptability

Sony has defended its stance on not allowing cross-platform support for online games
Sony is still trying to iron things relating to PS5's Backwards Compatibility.
Sony is still trying to iron things relating to PS5's Backwards Compatibility. Sony

Just yesterday, Sony finally announced the release window of PS5, which will be available starting in next year's Holiday season. Following the highly anticipated announcement, the tech giant has given out more information about the next-gen console’s PS5 backwards compatibility support for PS4 games. Apparently, Sony is still trying to iron things out.

In an interview with Famitsu, and translated by a Japanese journalist, a representative from Sony Interactive Entertainment's Public Relations unit said that upcoming device’s "dev team is putting all power on verifying whether they can secure a complete compatibility. Please wait for more information."

It is safe to say that the "complete compatibility" simply refers to the support for every single PS4 game across physical and digital media. This is basically opposite to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature, which comes with a very limited – albeit increasing – library of Xbox 360 video games that players can enjoy on the console.

Sony has already discussed before that PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 titles. However, the company has stopped short when it comes to confirming access to the discography of games for PS3, PS2, and even the original PlayStation consoles.

Obviously, nothing is concrete yet in terms of having backwards compatibility in PS5. Sony, on the other hand, still has a lot of questions left to answer, such as how the feature will work, as to what the extent of the supported library is, and whether it will be a free feature or part of the company’s PS Plus subscription service. It holds true that the interview does not necessarily answer these questions, but it does give the audience a perspective of what the tech giant is looking to move forward with.

In related and more concrete news, Sony has reportedly rebooted its PlayStation Now streaming service with newer video game titles. Even more so, the service comes with a brand new pricing structure and more enhanced technology, making its library of games easier and more accessible than ever. One of the newest games the company purchased the rights to stream is Rockstar Games’ very own GTA5. But since the deal is non-exclusive, it is very likely for GTA5 to pop up on another streaming service in the near future.

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