Sony Announces PS5 Release Date Window For 'Holday 2020'

The next-gen console will have the same release window as Xbox's hardware.
The next-gen console will have the same release window as Xbox's hardware. LetsGoDigital

At long last, Sony has revealed the official launch date window for the PS5. The tech giant just confirmed that the next-generation console’s release is set for “Holiday 2020.” And yes, it will be officially called PlayStation 5.

Sony also mentioned several changes that it will be introducing to the PS5 controller. Perhaps the most interesting is the replacement of the current rumble technology, which the company has been utilizing ever since the original PlayStation. The company is confident the new haptic technology will bring a “broader range of feedback.”

The other big change that the tech giant revealed is a technology known as “adaptive triggers.” They will reportedly go in the primary R2/L2 triggers on the next-gen console’s controller. The developers are also said to be able to “program the resistance of the triggers,” allowing users to be able to “feel” the increased tension as they draw back a bow or force them to push down with extra pressure if they are driving through rough terrain.

The said technology is quite similar to the Microsoft patent from earlier this year. It basically featured a similar trigger system specifically designed for a future Xbox controller. It remains to be seen, however, if Microsoft plans to incorporate it in its upcoming next-gen console Project Scarlett.

Interestingly, Xbox’s console also has the same release window as Sony’s PS5. The only catch, though, is that Sony tried to hold off with an official announcement until now. Given the release date, fans should have at least a whole year until the hardware lands, which could be anywhere between October and mid-December. Regardless of the exact date, there is no doubt that Sony is aiming for the heavy holiday sales period.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s very own CEO Jim Ryan and PS5 system architect Mark Cerny gave some additional details about PS5. “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” Cerny said, suggesting that the company’s original announcement of ray-tracing support and allaying concerns that Sony might resort to software tricks to manage it.

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