PS5 - What We Know So Far

Sony has been tight-lipped about anything related to PS5.
Sony has been tight-lipped about anything related to PS5. LetsGoDigital

Although we still do not have a name for it, the upcoming PlayStation console is on its way and fans are starting to wonder what exactly it brings to the table. Apart from being a more powerful and capable gaming machine than its predecessors, it is expected to reshape the way games are played on a PlayStation console. Here’s what we know so far about the so-called PS5.

PS5 Release Date

This is without a doubt the most interesting question there is about PS5. Everyone just wants to know when it will come out. As expected from Sony, details about the console’s release date have remained in limbo. Interestingly, back in May 2018, the then-head of PlayStation, John Kodera, claimed that the console was "three years" away. But given the fact that plans have changed ever since, it is quite possible Kodera was merely trying to keep a lid on all speculations flying around that time. Still, many are hopeful that Sony would eventually release the console this year.

PS5 Price

Pretty much like the release date, Sony did not bother to inform the public about the console’s price. Still, the company did say just recently that the price will be somewhat attractive to gamers. "I believe that we will be able to release it at an SRP [suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set," Mark Cerny, the lead architect of PS4, said in an interview.

It is worth noting that Cerny is responsible for working on the upcoming console. Although it is too early to suggest, it cannot be denied that Sony has indeed learned from its past mistakes. Remember the exorbitant price tag of PS3, not to mention its never-ending struggles? It is safe to say that Sony will be keeping a more reasonable price for PS5.

PS5 and Backwards Compatibility

Apparently, Cerny also confirmed that the upcoming PlayStation console will be backwards compatible with all PS4 games. According to him, this is possible because both consoles are built upon the same internal architectures. If you are extremely disappointed at PS4's inability to be compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, then you should be happy about this news.

SIE president Jim Ryan, on the other hand, said in an interview that backwards compatibility and cross-gen are very important elements for PS5. Without them, it is almost impossible to help players obtain a seamless transition.

"Whether it's backwards compatibility or the possibility of cross generational play, we'll be able to transition that community to next-gen," he said. "It won't be a binary choice about whether you have to be either on PlayStation 4 or next-gen to continue your friendship."

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