The Slormancer: Mage Academy Update Part 2 Reworks Act 1; Introduces New Cataclysms

Mage Academy Update Part 2
Mage Academy Update Part 2 Steam

The Slormancer is a fun 2D dungeon crawler, action RPG where you play as a Knight, Huntress, or Mage to fight hordes of enemies led by the titular character.

Recently, developers launched the Mage Academy Update Part 2, which reworks Act 1 and improves every aspect of it. It also brings seven brand new cataclysms.

The diversity of enemies that you can find in Act 1 has been greatly increased from five to 12. Monster composition and density have also been reworked to give you more interesting yet approachable fights.

Most of the content in The Slormancer is procedurally generated, meaning that you will always have a new experience in every playthrough. That said, larger maps have been downsized, making them easier to comb through. The devs added Exalted Breaches and Named Elites in Act 1 as well.

It is also worth noting that the level cap has been increased to 60. Furthermore, a new Ancestral Stone can be unlocked just by playing the game. This can be used to unlock 30 new Ancestral Skills in the fourth tier of the Ancestral Skill Tree, which includes Imbue skills and more.

Update Highlights

  • Replicant
  • Gargantuan
  • Assassins
  • Assimilation
  • Reconstruction
  • Fury of the Storm
  • Shadow Curse
  • Fire Damage has a chance to apply Burn
  • Ice Damage has a chance to Chill
  • Lightning Damage has a chance to Shock (and stop all Cooldowns for 0.3 seconds)
  • Light Damage has a chance to apply Armor Broken, Elemental Resistance Broken, Daze, or Slow for a few seconds
  • Shadow Damage has a chance to apply Shadow Confusion preventing ANY form of Mana or Life gain for a few seconds
  • For Cataclysms, the chance to apply their debuff is 100%
    • This Chance can be reduced by using Resistance Stats such as Fire Resistance (70% Fire Resistance will result in a 30% Chance to get the debuff when hit)
  • Fire Damage/Floor is Lava
    • Burn base damage has been reduced from 121 to 14
    • Burn can now stack up to 10 times
  • Light Beam
    • The Light Beam Cataclysm has been reworked to be more oppressive and will now target you with greater accuracy
  • "Boss Loot" from Bosses can only occur ONCE the first time you kill them with each class. Bosses will then loot with a greatly reduced multiplier on subsequent kills
  • Wrath Levels now also apply a scaling on Armor and Elemental Resistance to enemies, like in The Slorm Temple

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

The Slormancer is available on PC.

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