The Slormancer: Hotfix 0.3.015 Performance Improvements and QoL Changes

The Slormancer
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The Slormancer recently received a new hotfix that made performance improvements and quality of life changes. There have been cases where players accidentally reforge items and having that kind of experience is awful. To counter this, the developers said that "the selected button will remain on the same reforge option if possible." Hopefully, this should be enough to prevent accidental reforge clicks from happening.

Additionally, the developers fixed an issue where lightning effects cause massive FPS drops. This issue was most commonly observed while using Rain of Arrows. This issue should no longer persist if you updated the game with the latest patch.

The Slormancer : Hotfix 0.3.015

The Slorm Temple
  • Fixed not being able to max Slorm Temple upgrades before the heat death of the universe
  • The price of Upgrades has been drastically reduced.
  • Slorm Temple Upgrades have been reset and fully refunded.
Treasure Chests
  • Doubled the chance of Treasure Chests.
  • Increased the Gold Loot from Gold Chests by about 2500%.
Quality of Life
  • Items with Highlighted stats are now highlighted even when equipped.
  • You can no longer reroll the same Legendary, Attribute, Mastery, or Reaper effect on an item.
  • You can no longer reroll the same stat if it is the only one being rerolled.
  • Added a confirmation warning when Extracting a Slormite to prevent accidental Extractions.
The Mighty Knight
  • Banner of Sluggishness should work properly with enemies affected by the Tenacious Cataclysm.
The Fierce Huntress
  • You are now properly immune to Suffering Soul's DoT when Untangible (like during Mist-Walker's Fairy Dust) or when Invulnerable.
  • Wandering Arrow should now move much more smoothly.
  • Finesse's Climax should no longer be inconsistent.
The Mischievous Mage
  • Book Smash should now properly drop Remnants Residue when applicable.
  • The animation speed of Arcane Clones is no longer affected by their Attack Speed.
  • Glassier Cannon should not affect other heroes when switching classes.
  • You should no longer be able to time-lock bosses.
  • Stacks granted by Ahbrasil's Verdict are now correctly removed when unequipping Cadence.
  • You can no longer add Attribute Points above the 75 Limit.
  • Cold Snap should no longer trigger because Ardent Strike is equipped.
  • Young Phoenix Feathers' Cooldown can no longer be removed by Ascension's The Flying Man upgrade
  • Young Phoenix Feathers now grant you a 2 seconds invulnerability when triggered.
  • Inextricable Torment should now properly remain active between rooms.
  • Suffering Souls are now properly Immune to Knockback and Crowd Control effects. This means they can no longer be pulled.
  • Slormandrite of True Potential should now work properly with % Stats (Max Rolls should be maintained when leveling up)
  • Enemies like Grotagrom should no longer randomly freeze up and shake when jumping down on you.
  • Fixed a few typos and translation errors.

You can read more about the update here.

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