SCUM: Vanishing Vehicles and Other Bugs Resolved Hotfix

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Developer Gamepires launched a major update for SCUM recently. While it brought plenty of new stuff, it also introduced some game-breaking bugs and the community is not happy with that. Thankfully, the company was quick to release Hotfix to help resolve some of the pressing issues.

A Redditor has enumerated a variety of bugs that the company needs to fix. One of them is the problem where most of the in-game vehicles have seemingly vanished and the ones that are available can only do a left turn.

Right now, Hotfix offers a potential fix for that particular issue. Vehicles might now appear in the game, whether they’re spawned naturally or via server command.

Speaking of servers, the issue where servers would get stuck in an infinite boot loop is now addressed as well.


  • Temporarily disabled plum seeds from trader inventory.
  • Removed the decontamination option from certain items.
  • Chests, fire rings, improvised bed and shelter can now be placed outside flag areas.
  • Spawning vehicles via spawn vehicle command will now display the spawned vehicle's ID.
  • Bank account numbers will no longer generate with less than 12 digits.
  • Removed unnecessary item rotation time of day server setting clamping.
  • You can no longer service a vehicle without a car repair kit.
  • Removed negative fame point achievements.
  • Increased spinach consumption density.
  • Adjusted Geiger counter inventory size.
  • #SetMountedVehicleProperty will now work with new vehicles.
  • Car batteries are now available at mechanic car lifts.
  • Fixed the bug where items stored inside wheelbarrows and boats would disappear on a server restart.
  • Fixed the issue where force unlocking lockers would cause client crashes.
  • Fixed the bug where magazines would show an incorrect number of ammo inside.
  • Fixed the bug where you were sometimes not able to restore your bank card when you should.
  • Fixed the issue where removing items from hands while in combat mode would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to chop down metal, brick and cement BB elements with a sharp tool instead of a blunt tool.
  • Fixed the wrong audio for destroying brick and cement BB elements.
  • Fixed some of the wrong item descriptions.
  • Possible fix for vehicles not appearing when spawned or naturally spawned on the server
  • Fixed a bug where you could push the vehicle while on the service lift
  • Fixed a bug where you could repair the analog geiger with a hazmat suit

Have you played SCUM lately? If so, what other bugs have you encountered?

SCUM Hotfix is available on PC.

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