SCUM: Samobor City Now Light on System Memory in September 20 Patch

Patch 0.7.500.53341
Patch 0.7.500.53341 Steam

Have you experienced some performance problems when visiting Samobor City in SCUM? If so, the September 20 Patch brought some needed improvements to address the situation.

Samobor City is one of the biggest cities in SCUM. While the place looks nice, it is notorious for hogging up system memory. To help solve the issue, developers made major optimizations in the September 20 Patch. However, this doesn’t come without a cost.

You see, to reduce memory consumption, many buildings in Samobor City had to be closed down, so you cannot enter them for the time being. According to the developers, they might open these buildings up again as soon as they find a better way of solving the problem.

Samobor City
Samobor City Steam

Here are some of the other bug fixes implemented in this update:

  • Fixed the visual bug on the Mk18 malfunction panel.
  • Fixed the bug where certain UI elements would still show when hiding the HUD.
  • Fixed the bug where you could drop off a ladder when turning the camera.
  • Fixed the bug where voice chat would not work on admin drones.
  • Fixed the bug where the spill action would always have the same duration.
  • Fixed the bug where the visual durability on treatment items would not update.
  • Fixed the bug where some items would not have their icons loaded at trader panels.
  • Fixed the bug where the lockpicking board could not be activated after relog.
  • Fixed the offset on SF19 and HS9 suppressors.
  • Fixed the bug where items thrown would sometimes stay stuck in the air.
  • Fixed a bug where constitution attribute gain/loss would stay neutral and wouldn't rise or fall during certain gesture animations.
  • Fixed a bug where after reaching maximal constitution attribute level the radial stays green and shows constitution attribute as increasing.
  • Fixed the issue where ghillie suits would show threads in first person when it should not.
  • Fixed the bug where shooting at a forest bed would produce no sound on impact.
  • Fixed the bug where handguns would disappear after being equipped into holsters.
  • Fixed the bug where backpacks were not properly hidden/unhidden after a mount/dismount.
  • Fixed the bug where clothes had wrong energy dispersion and water propagation stats.
  • Fixed the bug where Danny Trejo characters would "free hand" pee.
  • Fixed the bug where censorship would not activate on male characters when urinating or defecating.
  • Fixed the bug where turning on the music player radio would change female voices to male voices.
  • Fixed up typos on some items.
  • Fixed the bug where the Hunter suppressor would not suppress the noise towards AI perception.
  • Fixed the bug where "look at camera" would not sometimes work properly.
  • Fixed the bug where exiting events while in photo mode would leave the player in a stuck state.

What is your reaction to the change made to Samobor City?

SCUM Patch 0.7.500.53341 is available on PC.

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