SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 10.2 Door Coding Changed, New Admin Console, and More

SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 10.2
SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 10.2 steam

Northwood Studios, the developer of SCP: Secret Laboratory, rolled out a new update that reworks their system. It also brings in a new console that helps in controlling the game. The door system code has been fully rewritten to address older bugs, which is significant to players. But players who use plugins or server hosts should be aware of the changes, as the newer codes could have some compatibility issues.

Some cool additions included in this update are the ability to fully restart the server without kicking players, and fast round restarts. This update removes the previous Christmas update as well, which means, you won’t be able to see or access any previous content.

Local Admin

  • Added console- and error logs.
  • Added a config option, disabling printing stdout and stderr (errors and Unity debug messages) in the LocalAdmin live-view (while leaving them in the logs).
  • Added an automatic restart after server crash (you can disable this in config).
  • Added log retention (it's possible to configure LA to delete, and/or compress old LA and/or round logs).
  • Added server configuration wizard.
  • Added idle-mode state indicator in the title of the LocalAdmin window.


  • Doors in the airlock room can be destroyed. If one door is destroyed, then the other behaves like a normal door.
  • Both airlock doors lock open during Alpha Warhead detonation.
  • Checkpoint doors can be destroyed, but only through Remote Admin. They're immune to being destroyed under normal conditions.
  • Prison doors (in the Class-D Cells) are now destroyable.
  • Many doors have been renamed.
  • SCP-173's containment-chamber door automatically opens at the end of its locked phase,if there is an SCP-173 inside. The player no longer needs to open it themselves.
  • The doors to SCP-106's control room, and the Alpha Warhead control room, now require several strikes from SCP-096 to destroy.
  • Fixed issues related to door generation, such as doors clipping through walls, hovering above the ground, panels floating away from the wall, and many more.
  • Fixed checkpoint doors getting stuck during Alpha Warhead detonation and LCZ decontamination.
  • Fixed doors sometimes being invisible or unopenable.
  • Changed HID room door to correct model.

API Changes

  • Doors now utilize a completely new script, DoorVariant, that inherits from IInteractable. Different types of doors have separate scripts - BasicDoor, BreakableDoor, and so on.
  • The old door script has been marked as obsolete. It exists within the code, but is not used, and will likely be removed in a future update.
  • A new interaction system has been implemented. The NetworkBehaviour it uses is attached to the player prefab, and is called InteractionCoordinator. This has been in the code for a while, but we're just now starting to implement it. Doors utilize this system.
  • “RandomSeedSync” is no longer a player component. It has been refactored into “SeedSynchronizer”, and added to the Game Manager prefab. Seeds will now always generate above 0 - negative numbers are no longer valid map seeds.


  • Added fast, round restarts.
  • Added functionality allowing users to fully restart the server without kicking players (softrestart command).
  • Added a config key allowing the enabling of automatic server restarts with a specified amount of rounds.
  • Changed volume and distance of the checkpoint alarm.
  • Removed Christmas update.

You can read more about the update here.

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