TrenchesWIP V0.19 Adds Dedicated Servers, Redesigned Maps, and More

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Big OOF Games PTY LTD, the developer of TrenchesWIP , released a new update that adds tons of new features. The update also introduces the most exciting addition - dedicated servers. Dedicated servers allow players to connect to the host with fewer issues like high ping. To host your own server, head over to the game, and press the Launch New Dedicated Server button, which should create your personal server.

The new map redesigns are pretty neat. The default map is now split into three sides, which makes combat more interesting. The bridges on the map can be destroyed and repaired, possibly useful in trapping and killing players. While the update doesn’t bring any gameplay changes, it is refreshing to see different variants of the maps.

TrenchesWIP Update V0.19

New Visuals

We've also been laying the groundwork for new and varying locations for future maps. In doing so, we've made a nice, chilly version of our original map as a late Christmas present!


We've been getting a lot of reports of missing sounds for the game and after some help from our community, we discovered you can fix the bug by verifying the integrity of game files!

To do this, right-click on TrenchesWIP on your Steam list and select Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.


  • Fixed tessellation setting so it actually turns off tessellation.
  • Added more detail to map AI1.
  • Fixed material bug that caused patches of grey.
  • Added dedicated server support.
  • Optimized materials.
  • Reworked material visuals.
  • Removed water plane that was destroying FPS.
  • Added snow variant of AI1 map.
  • Weapons now eject casings onto the environment.
  • Touched up some sounds.

You can read more about the update here.

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