Interstellar Space: Genesis Update 1.2.4 Auto-combat, UI Tweaks, and More

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Praxis Games, the developer of Interstellar Space: Genesis, released an update that adds auto-combat and some UI tweaks. When you press the auto-combat button in the options, the AI plays the fleets on both sides at the fastest speed. The higher difficulties now have a better AI system, committing bigger forces while playing against higher difficulty levels.

The developers have also fixed a rare bug where the last colony stayed with the previous owner and prevented the game from coming to an end. Another bug related to the galaxy map where it would be locked is addressed in the latest update.

Interstellar Space: Genesis Update 1.2.4

Change list


  • 'Auto-Combat' option now also available directly from the combat encounter screen. When pressed, the combat starts in 'auto-combat' mode (computer plays both fleets) at the fastest speed (auto-combat can be disabled at any time though).


  • The AI will now commit even bigger forces when invading in the higher difficulty levels (starting at 'Hard' and especially at 'Impossible').


  • Refusing diplomatic coordination requests from allies is now more penalizing and can lead to alliances being broken more often when that happens.
  • War declarations now slightly more penalizing to diplomatic relations, especially after the 2nd and 3rd declarations on the same rival.


  • The looks on the 'hull reinforcement' and 'number of shields' options were tweaked to suggest the options are clickable. The tooltips also say that those options need to be clicked on to change their values. It was not evident enough that these were options that could be changed.
  • The tooltip shown when building an outpost on an asteroid belt now describes the size of the outpost that is currently selected, to clarify which belt is to be built an outpost on.
  • Acid worlds now slightly less bright. Were a bit too bright before.


  • Fixed a bug that was allowing non-allies to make diplomatic coordination requests to empires they were not allied with. Now, an empire can only 'convince' other parties to make peace if they are allied with both. Also, tweaks made to the peace treaties 'by peace conference' to better explain why peace was achieved between the empires in question.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the last colony to be invaded to still be part of the old owner preventing the game to end. This was caused when the last colony of the last rival was razed instead of invaded.
  • Fixed a bug when leveling up a leader and two skills were presented, they were not both spy skills but the description of the second one could still be for a spy skill in rare occasions.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing the fleet panel to sometimes open on top of the selected fleet. The 'Unexplored panel' now also doesn't open on top of the selected unexplored system.
  • The measuring tool function on the bottom left of the galaxy map now displays the 'shift' hotkey in its tooltip, which can also be used to use the measuring tool.
  • Revised the wording of the auto-combat hint displayed at game load/start.
  • Fixed a glitch that could cause the galaxy map to become locked almost entirely off-screen in rare occasions and it was not possible to get it back centered. Now, the map is re-centered when/if this happens again.

You can read more about the update here.

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