Saints Row Combat System Issues Fixed in Sunshine Springs Update

Sunshine Springs Update Deep Silver Volition

The open-world, action-adventure game Saints Row got a pretty massive update called Sunshine Springs. This is said to be the game's biggest patch yet! In this update, the developers finally addressed some issues concerning the game's combat system.

One of the things that players will notice is that all enemies in Saints Row now have lower HP. This is to improve the pace of combat since players no longer have to throw numerous hits to eliminate their foes.

Another notable change is that enemies are less likely to dodge the player's attacks now. While some people may appreciate this, there is a risk that enemies will just be too easy to defeat.

Also, the Sunshine Springs update resolved many issues with the in-game camera. For instance, problems about inconsistent camera movement on controllers have been fixed. Another fix is for the bug that caused the camera to not work properly.


General Combat Changes

  • Increased the amount of time it takes for enemies to call for reinforcements.
  • Enemies arriving to combat situations will now arrive in slightly different locations to more frequently avoid collisions.
  • Enemies will no longer wait to engage the player 1 at a time in combat.
  • Enemy hit chance is now temporarily reduced when the player crouches.
  • Changed the crossbow weapon to use hit scan logic instead of behaving like a projectile weapon.
  • Slightly improved the sounds indicating "low ammo."
  • Improved impact reactions associated with weapons typically viewed as "heavy."
  • Added a visual element to the reticle on the HUD to indicate when a player successfully hits an enemy.
  • Removed "stand in place and panic" order from Panteros enemies who are on fire. – This better aligns them with the logic of using fire in their attacks.
  • Buffed low-level explosive skills to be more useful and fun throughout the game.
  • Removed damage immunity on enemy combatants when dodging.
  • Added fire damage resistance to all Panteros.
  • Added logic to better clean up vehicles abandoned by fleeing pedestrians.
  • Weapon Signature Abilities will now automatically be applied when they are unlocked instead of requiring the player to go to Friendly Fire locations.

Bug Fixes

  • Camera
    • Fixed an issue with camera's vertical axis can become unable to register low-intensity downwards movement while using mouse and keyboard.
    • Fixed an issue with camera sensitivity sliders not affecting vehicle camera sensitivity.
    • Fixed an issue with chase came options missing from camera options menu.
    • Fixed an issue with players camera panning vertically when player tries to compensate for recoil on a weapon.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue with player losing weapon functionality and being able to enter vehicles when being pulled out of vehicles by enemies.
    • Fixed an issue with aerial vehicles exploding when a player gets too close to them.
    • Fixed an issue with player having limited controller function when player is driving a boat and is dropped in water by player driving a helicopter.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Saints Row Sunshine Springs update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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