Saints Row Newest Update Might Have Given the Game a Bright Future

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The 2022 reboot of the popular action-adventure game Saints Row had a rocky launch, so much so that it prompted Volition to issue a statement saying that the company is aware of the many issues raised by the community.

Volition is hoping that the game’s first major patch, Bright Future, may finally give players a reason or two to come back.

The recently released Bright Future Update implements over 200 bug fixes and improvements, focusing on addressing co-op gameplay and stability issues.

In terms of combat changes, the damage done by enemy shotguns and submachine guns in Saints Row has been reduced dramatically to make encounters a bit more fun. Furthermore, the challenges that players must complete for unlocking weapon signature abilities/ultimates have been simplified.

The Volition dev team has also introduced new progression tiers to district completion. Basically, players will see more Saints roaming the streets now after they’ve finished disposing of district threats and criminal ventures.

Here are the other major changes and bug fixes in this update:

  • Weapon Ultimates now unlock automatically when the challenge is complete so you can get to causing havoc with them right away
  • We’ve tweaked the time given to interrupt enemy call-ins for support
  • There are seven new Garage locations throughout the world that unlock at the start of “Chop Shop,” so you now have way more options for dropping off and obtaining stored vehicles
  • We added new drop-off location visual telegraphs to the HQ and new Chop Shop locations for driven and flown vehicles
  • We’ve significantly reduced the number of Bright Future Disposals required to complete the venture
  • “Chop Shop” vehicle delivery is now accepted at all new locations
  • Fixed co-op interaction with the “@cha” Side Hustle which could lead to overwriting or canceling the first interaction, and displaying the objective only for the second player to interact
  • Fixed an instance of the Host not being able to build a criminal venture when the Partner Player is waiting to join the active session
  • Fixed an issue where the host could lose menu functionality if the client left during a mission after the host selected "exit to main menu"
  • Vehicle Delivery service now properly delivers cars customized if they were saved in the garage by the player in co-op
  • Fixed a loading issue while the host is on the “Waiting for Partner to join” screen
  • Fixed a case where characters could fall under the map in “The Forge” in co-op
  • Reduced instances of accidental player deaths in Observe and Report in both co-op and single-player sessions
  • Fixed instances of infinite loading screens during a conversation with Chalupacabra Manager

The full changelog can be found on the official site.

Saints Row Bright Future Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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