Saints Row: Activate Cheats in New Boot Hill Update

Boot Hill Update Deep Silver Volition

Deep Silver Volition deployed a massive new patch for Saints Row just recently. The Boot Hill update finally brings the Cheats App back to the game, allowing players to enable various cheats to make things more exciting.

The Cheats App in Saints Row provides a menu of cheats. There are "clean cheats" that are harmless and fun like Mascot City, where all pedestrians that spawn in the game wear cute mascot costumes when enabled. These cheats are safe and do not affect achievements and trophies.

There are also "dirty cheats" that grant huge gameplay advantages. Lethal Weapon, for example, makes all guns so powerful that enemies are killed with just one shot.

The Cheats App currently consists of 20 clean cheats and 18 dirty cheats, but the company may add more in the future.

In addition, the Boot Hill update brought general improvements to the game. For instance, the Finisher Meter now fills up faster when the player is near death. Besides that, a toggle was added for the depth of field while in Fine Aim, found in the options menu.

Here are the other improvements:

  • Added more UI into the process of creating a co-op game to ensure players know when this is possible.
  • Added a minor blood spray to walls when enemies are hit by projectiles in close proximity.
  • Reduced the heat haze visual effect in certain areas of the desert.
  • Evaluated and enhanced some perks that felt underpowered to bring them more in line with other competitive choices.
  • Added a load-screen tip regarding the ability to turn off weapon ultimate abilities.
  • Added on-screen message when toggling from the "near" vehicle camera to the "far" vehicle camera.
  • Added a menu option to toggle the appearance of the reticle when the HUD is hidden.
  • Clarified the tutorial for Chop Shop.
  • Added off-road kits to Panteros vehicles in the desert.
  • Adjusted the projectile speed of several weapons to hit much faster.
  • Removed the check marks from the "Completed" missions tab.
  • Added new art to the top of the Playlist App.
  • Cleaned up some erroneous pixel distortion on edges of people in some visual sequences.
  • Increase windshield cannon chance for bikes to near 100%.
  • Increased the density of pedestrian vehicles during "Making Rent."
  • Added several small improvements to the living world of "Morning Commute."
  • Added some complexity to the escape sequence in "Making Rent."

So, will you use the Cheats App once you hop in Saints Row?

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