Rust: Play with the New Deployable Drone in Eye in the Sky Update

Eye in the Sky Update
Eye in the Sky Update Facepunch Studios

Rust got a new patch recently called Eye in the Sky that introduced the remote-controlled drone.


New Deployable: Drone
New Deployable: Drone Facepunch Studios

The new drone in Rust can be deployed anywhere. You can survey the battlefield and you can control it using a Computer Station. Take note that the drone only has a limited signal range of 500 meters, so you cannot really use it when it’s too far from your position. Moreover, the drone is prone to damage from impacts; make sure that you exercise caution when controlling it, especially in tight areas. The drone can be crafted in the Tier 2 workbench using 200 metal fragments, two Tech Trash, and a CCTV camera.

RF-Detonated C4

RF-detonated C4
RF-detonated C4 Facepunch Studios

If you need to blow up obstructions safely, the C4 in Rust can now be detonated remotely using radio frequencies (RF). All you have to do is enable the RF on the C4 and then set the detonator to the same frequency. You’ll know if you’re successful when you see a green light and hear a beeping sound whenever you’re deploying your explosives. Ten seconds after being deployed, the beeping stops and you can now detonate the C4 at a distance.

The RF-detonated C4 can be used defensively as traps in your own base or blow up fortifications in other bases to let you in. Keep in mind that anyone can pick them up, so be on the lookout for those who will try to use your own explosives against you.

Man the Turrets

Auto Turret
Auto Turret Facepunch Studios

The game’s Auto Turret can now be controlled manually by pairing it with a Computer Station. Just turn off the Auto Turret and set the ID and you’re good to go. You’ll have a 360-degree viewing angle, so you can pretty much take out any targets that the turret can see.

You cannot control the turret while it is in Peacekeeper Mode, though. This means that you won’t be able to fire at other players even if you want to.

Mobile CCTV

Have you been asking for a way to look at things in Rust using your mobile device? Well, Facepunch Studios finally launched a highly-requested feature where you can add cameras from a paired server in Rust+ and view them from your phone.

This feature is still in alpha state, so expect bugs here and there. Also, the signal from your cameras needs to travel a long way to get to your phone. As a result, the quality looks like it was from a game made in the early 90s. However, visual elements are relatively discernible and would probably give you a good idea what your cameras are looking at.

Rust Eye in the Sky update is available on PC.

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