Rust: Combat Update Implements Gunplay Improvements; Introduces a new LMG

Combat Update
Combat Update Twitter/@playrust

The Combat Update for the first-person survival game Rust is now available on PC. This patch brings a lot of gunplay improvements, as well as a new light machine gun that can be crafted in the workbench.

Improvements to Gunplay

The Combat Update brings plenty of gunplay improvements to Rust. First, there’s now a native crosshair in the game that can be enabled in the settings. This is a good addition since players no longer have to download third-party software for the same thing.

Next, there are new markers that will tell players the direction of where the shots are coming from. They are denoted by the small semicircle blood splats, along with a very minor screen shake to tell them that they’re currently being hit.

Aside from the things mentioned, the developers revamped the game’s recoil system. Rust now uses a gradient-based aim drift and inaccuracy system for automatic weapons. Simply put, holding the trigger down will penalize players by making the weapon more inaccurate over time. Additionally, automatic fire at long ranges now effectively reduces the DPS of the weapon, meaning that players are encouraged to make use of the right weapons in the right situations, besides improving their burst discipline.

The Combat Update brings a new weapon to Rust as well. The Handmade light machine gun is a tier-3 craftable weapon that boasts high damage and a high rate of fire. However, they are balanced out by the weapon’s low accuracy.

"Handmade" LMG
"Handmade" LMG Steam

Patch Highlights

  • Rail Speed Boost: Horses on train tracks receive the same speed boost as on roads
  • Coupled Car Display: The train's screen now shows the number of connected cars
  • Land Mine: The Landmine is now scaled down
  • Projectile Invalid: We've resolved a number of invalid projectiles whilst shooting under low ceiling
  • Vehicle Sensitivity: Vehicles will now grab all mouse input leading to smoother control
  • Compound Bow: Now loses less durability while held back
  • Added Hit cross
  • Added hit punchAdded extended Magazine
  • Added Spray Can Decal Pack
  • New covered work cart train
  • Added invisible spawnable loot prefabs for map makers
  • Added Scientists to the Launch Site monument
  • Added sidings to the rail network
  • Add "autofocus" option to input fields for Community UI
  • Added FPS counter configs to the options menu
  • Parenting to an entity in a demo shot will now properly be recorded in the shot
  • Reduced landmine size
  • Improved performance when picking up resources
  • Jittery magnet crane rotation is smoother
  • Added SedanRail entity for admins. Spawnable only on rails
  • Horses now get the same speed boost on the rail as they do on the road
  • WorkCart monitor now shows the number of connected train cars, beeps when a new one is connected, and the whole monitor display is 40% brighter

The full changelog for Rust Combat Update is available on Steam.

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