Rust: Aboveground Trains Now Available in Latest Update

Above-Ground Update
Above-Ground Update Steam

The online multiplayer survival game Rust now has trains available above the ground. The Above-Ground Update also brings other improvements, such as an improved death screen and more ziplines.

In the Above-Ground Update for Rust, players can use the Work Cart on the train tracks above the ground. This work cart is nearly the same as its underground counterpart, except it has coupling points that allow connection with other train cars. While the process of coupling only requires players to bump into train cars at low speed, uncoupling would have to be done manually by interacting with the coupling point.

The work cart needs low-grade fuel to be operational. Moreover, it’s possible to use multiple work carts in a multi-engine coupled setup for additional power. This setup allows long trains to make it up a hill successfully.

This update implements various improvements as well. For one, the NPCs that kill the player now have custom icons. Furthermore, zipline arrival points are added to the Sewer Branch, Stables, Lighthouse, and Dome. Ziplines are also better now at routing around obstacles.


  • Fixed a regression introduced last month that was generating a lot of garbage and causing stutters. This was deemed a high enough priority that we released it in a hotfix early in the month
  • Identified a bug that was preventing lasers and some other heavy systems from budgeting their performance correctly (This was also affecting server performance)
  • SAM Site Damage: SAM Site can no longer be damaged by bullet type damage
  • Junkpile scientists: NPCs have returned to junkpile spawns
  • Added rail network branch lines
  • Added 4 types of train wagons
  • Reduced network traffic of sprinklers watering large amounts of filled planters
  • Community UI
    • Added support for natively showing item icons
    • Added support for read-only and multi-line InputFields
    • Added support for the NeedsKeyboard component
    • Adding "needsKeyboard" to an InputField will block keyboard input only while that input field is focused
    • Fix countdown not working
  • Fixed grenade launcher reload error when first-person spectating
  • Fixed long ziplines disappearing when the player is at the end of the line
  • Fixed incorrect prevent building bounds when building around zipline wires
  • Fixed several overly strict anti-hack configs resulting in unable to damage construction
  • Fixed junkyard keycard not respawning

Rust Above-Ground Update is available on PC.

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