Rust: March 2022 Update Improves Monument Lighting; Includes General QoL Improvements

Rust March 2022 Update
Rust March 2022 Update Steam

The March 2022 update for Rust is here, and it brings lighting improvements to some older monuments, such as the Oxum’s Gas Station, Supermarket, Bandit Camp, and Launch Site. The changes include adding some darkening volumes to the exterior to reduce brightness during the day. New lights and effects and minor visual improvements were added as well.

Monument Lighting Improvements
Monument Lighting Improvements Steam

Aside from that, the Snowmobile found in the Arctic Base map got some animation and audio improvements. Driving uphill, for example, now produces a more realistic engine revving sound. The said vehicle no longer comes loaded with fuel, so you’d have to find some if you want to drive this thing around frigid landscapes.

Snowmobile Improvements
Snowmobile Improvements Steam

The Magnet Crane in the Junkyard is a pretty complex thing to use. The devs know this, so they’ve changed some things to help you get the hang of it. For instance, fuel consumption when the crane is idle and maximum fuel consumption when it is not holding anything on its magnet has been reduced by 80% and 25%, respectively.


  • Added support for tag filtering to the server browser
  • Added 14 new world models
  • Updated loading screen
  • Can no longer reskin doors that are open
  • IO Entities can now decay (fixes Water Barrel, Water Catcher, Above Ground Pool, Boom box, CCTV, Connected Speaker, Counter, Disco Floor, Sprinkler, Wind Mill, Car Lift, Paddling Pool, SAM turret, Search Light, Smart Alarm, Solar Panel, Sound Lights, Telephone, Water Pump not decaying when placed outside of a base)
  • Increased local player voice volume when recording a cassette
  • Junkyard magnet crane is more stable to drive
  • Added Always Sprint to the game options. If enabled, sprint key behavior is inverted. Player sprints by default, and holding the sprint key will return them to walk speed
  • Fixed magnet crane arm movement speed slowing down at low server framerates
  • Fixed magnet crane driver not syncing up visually with the crane itself when rotating the cabin
  • Fixed magnet crane magnet hurting the driver if it was positioned as close as possible to the cabin
  • Fixed magnet crane treads sometimes animating in the wrong direction when turning
  • Fixed a sleeper loot exploit
  • Fixed CCTV clipping exploit
  • Fixed BBQ looting exploit
  • Fixed Excavator puzzle reset bounds exceeding the prevent building volume, causes player to die when logged out
  • Arctic base snowmobile garage no longer spawns puzzle loot

Rust March 2022 update is available on PC.

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