Roller Champions Invites Everyone to Neo Retro Season

Skate your way to a new season.
Skate your way to a new season. Ubisoft

The new season for Roller Champions is finally here. Be ready to welcome the pixelated playgrounds and neon-lit arcades of gaming history as Neo Retro introduces a new game mode, three themed maps, and updated Roller Pass.

Neo Retro brings the new 1v1 game mode called Clone Clash, where the player’s avatar is cloned to make a team of three. While the player gets to control one skater, the other two are powered by AI. The twist is players can switch between their clones at any time, so expect dynamic gaming with many potential strategies.

These three themed arenas have been added to the rotation:

  • Pixel City
    • Brightly decorated with pixelated trees that brings to mind an ‘80s video game.
  • Arcadia
    • Bedecked with neon lights like an arcade.
  • Pinball Stadium
    • Designed to look like the inside of a classic pinball table.

Another new feature introduced in Neo Retro is the Career Page. Here, players can see their rank on the regional leaderboard and gameplay stats which detail matches played, win rate, goals, tackles, and blocks, among others. You can learn more about this new feature here.

Challenger Series

In addition to new features, players can also look forward to weekly tournaments courtesy of the Challenger Mode. Beginning January 7, there will be a single elimination every Saturday and winners not only get their hands on the prize but also leaderboard placements. Once the season ends, the team with the most points gets an extra prize. Those interested can register their team here.

Game Balance

The new season also comes with an update that introduces game balancing changes like:

  • Magnetic Pass
    • Fixed how players catching a Magnetic Pass could “teleport” the ball through an open goal and not score.
  • ​Tackles/Dodges
    • Adjusted the vertical trajectory of the ball after a successful Uppercut to better allow the tackler to recover possession.
    • Removed the stagger effect when an Air Tackle collides with the ground.
    • Adjusted the Uppercut hitbox to better align with the player on vertical surfaces.

Check out the complete patch notes here.

Roller Champions is free to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility.

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