Roller Champions: Dragon's Way Now Live

The way of the East.
The way of the East. Ubisoft

The newest season for Roller Champions is now live for everyone to enjoy. Titled “Dragon's Way,” it's inspired by martial arts and age-old traditions from Asia. Players can look forward to new themed maps, such as Bangkok Arena, Zen Temple, and Dragon Temple. Of course, a new season means a new Roller Pass and Dragon's Way offering 60 tiers of effects, cosmetics, emotes, gear, and other seasonal goodies.

However, one highlight of the new season surely to make players happy is the introduction of additional cross-platform features, including cross-play invites to let players form a squad with friends regardless of platform.

More Rewards

The arrival of Dragon's Way also comes with new rewards and here are three things players should know about this new season:

  • Daily Bonus - Now with More Fans!
    • The Daily Bonus are the three first matches every day that reward players with an extra number of fans.
    • For this new season, the third daily bonus now rewards players with 300 extra fans instead of 125.
  • Win, Draw, or Lose, You'll Get More Than Just a Learning Experience!
    • Every outcome of quick, event mode, and ranked matches now rewards players with more fans. These are:
      • Win: Now Gives 170 Fans (from 150)
      • Draw: Now Gives 160 Fans (from 135)
      • Lose: Now Gives 150 Fans (from 125)
  • Top 100 - New Banner Every Month!
    • Banners have been awarded to the top 100 players in the past but now there's a twist to them.
    • Every month is going to have its thematic banner.

Game Updates

  • Game Balancing
    • The Uppercut diminishing return window has been slightly increased (from 2.25 sec to 3 sec).
    • The ball speed/direction after a tackle will follow more appropriately the velocity of the tackler.
    • The collision pushback when two players tackle each other has been improved.
  • Gameplay
    • Skaters have randomized warm up animations in the Intro Cinematic before the match starts.
    • Added an overhead collision to prevent clipping against elements of the game world.
    • The Goal Replay lasts one more second to let players showcase emotes more easily.
    • Minor improvements to interactions between Tip Toe and harsh slopes.
    • Various animation updates and improvements (Throw, Ball Catch, Uppercut, Get Up, Idle).

Learn more about Dragon’s Way here. Roller Champions is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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